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The dialog window, showing some redirects to a Manual of Style page.

The RedirectManager extension adds a dialog window to the WikiEditor toolbar, in which to view a list of all redirects to the page being edited as well as add new redirects. It makes it easier to add redirects and avoids having to go to the redirect page and edit it.

Many wikis have a template such as {{shortcut}} which is used to identify useful short redirects to an article. The RedirectManger can be a useful way to manage these shortcuts while editing.


  1. Click the RedirectManager icon   in the toolbar to open the dialog window.
  2. A list of existing redirects is shown, below a form with which to create a new redirect.
  3. Type a desired redirect into the form, and it will autocomplete. This gives you an indication of whether a given redirect page name already exists, and generally non-existing pages will be shown in red and so are the ones that should be selected at this point.
  4. Clicking the 'Add' button creates the redirect and adds it to the list of existing redirects.
  5. Any existing redirect can be either
    • copied to the clipboard via the 'Copy' link, or
    • inserted directly into the page text via the 'Insert' link (in which case the dialog will close).
  6. To dismiss the dialog window, click 'Close'.

If you provide a name of an existing page to create as a redirect, an error message will be shown and no redirect will be created.

Some variations in letter case and namespace can be expected: for example, initial characters will be converted to uppercase (loremLorem); and the 'Project' namespace will be converted to whatever is configured for your wiki (project:ipsumExapmleWiki:Ipsum).