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PD 注意:当您编辑本页面时,即代表同意以CC0协议授权您的贡献。您可以在公有领域-{zh-tw:說明頁面;zh-hk:幫助頁面;zh-cn:帮助页面;}-找到更多-{zh-tw:資訊;zh-cn:信息;}-。

分配权限”是指在 wiki 软件内部授予用户额外权限(或收回这些权限)。这是通过在 Special:UserRights 页面中,添加用户到含特殊权限的“组”完成的。不过,首先需要注意的是该操作本身需要特殊权限!


默认您首先必须为‘行政员’(即在‘行政员’用户组中)才能访问 Special:UserRights 页。安装 MediaWiki 时建立的首个用户是行政员。其他用户必须联系某个行政员来改变权限。查看行政员列表到 Special:ListUsers/bureaucrat。在小 wiki 中通常只有一两个行政员。


The Special:UserRights page allows you (if you have access) to set which groups a user is in. A common task would be to put a user into the 'sysop' group. This will grant the user various extra rights, such as deleting pages, and blocking users. See Help:管理员和权限Help:Sysops and permissions for more details.

Obviously giving a user such rights implies that you trust the user, both in terms of being non-malicious, and also as somebody with sufficient competence in using the wiki software, and in dealing with the wiki community. People hoping to become sysops should read Help:管理员和权限Help:Sysops and permissions. However it should be noted that actions of a sysop user are (almost) entirely reversible, by other sysop users, and so it can be a good idea to dish out these extra permissions to a number of users in order to

  • spread the workload of day-to-day sysop operations such as blocking vandals and deleting pages.
  • make things more democratic, and decrease any perception of a single dictator running the community
  • allow competent users the power they need to make progress with wiki refactoring.
  • reward valued contributors/community members


If you have many sysops, you may start to need documented processes governing their actions. e.g. when should a page be protected versus leaving it unprotected? You may even reach the point where you need a documented procedure for deciding who gets to be a sysop, and who should have their sysop rights revoked. To manage all of this, you may wish to promote several users into the 'Bureaucrat' group (a smaller number of your most trusted users) to spread the workload managing the promoting/demoting of sysops. On some large wikis, users are voted in by other users before they are granted extra permissions, and sysops have their rights revoked by a committee who investigate accusations of misconduct. Such processes are unlikely to be necessary in anything but the largest of wiki communities.


通过提升/降级管理员和行政员,您还可以授予或移除账户的‘bot’标志,即他们的编辑不会显示在 Special:RecentChanges