Hackathons/Laptop setup/OSX git

The install depends on your version of Mac OS Edit

For Mac OS Snow Leopard (10.6) or higher:

For other versions of Mac OS:

  • Go through this long list of options and pick the one best-suited to your computer. If you're not sure, ask an instructor.

Configure git: name and email address Edit

The final step for configuring git is to tell git your name and email address. To do that, open a Terminal as discussed earlier.

In the Terminal, type this command to set your name (replacing Mister Roboto with your name):

    git config --global user.name "Mister Roboto"

In the same Terminal, type this command to set your email address. Git stores your name and email address whenever you commit changes to the git repository. (Be sure to replace myself@example.com with whichever email address you use!)

   git config --global user.email myself@example.com

One more thing: let's enable color, just to make your life easier.

   git config --global color.ui true

Okay, that's it!

Learn a bit of git Edit

If you are doing this well in advance of the Hackathon, you might want to go trough the first levels of this interactive Git tutorial so you will be a bit more familiar with the commands. It's also great to follow it after the hackathon to further improve your understanding of Git.

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