Hackathons/Laptop setup/Linux text editor

How to find gedit in the Applications list Edit

On Linux, we suggest the Gedit text editor.

Gedit should already be installed on your computer. To start Gedit: click Applications, point to Accessories, and click Text Editor. If you don't have this option, let a staff member know.

How to find Gedit from a terminal Edit

If you prefer to start applications from a terminal, you can type the following into a terminal to launch Gedit:

gedit &

Configure gedit to indent with tabs Edit

  • Click Edit -> Preferences
  • Select the tab labeled "Editor"
  • Uncheck the box labeled "Insert spaces instead of tabs"
  • Check the box labeled "Enable automatic indentation"
  • Click Close.

That's it! Now, you can hit tab to indent your code, and that indentation will actually be made of tabs. This change will help you use spaces consistently, in conjunction with the MediaWiki code style guidelines.

Success! Edit

If you prefer a different editor for text, check with an instructor before moving on.

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