Groups/Wikimedia support

MediaWiki groups can request support from the Wikimedia Foundation and chapters in various forms:

  • Advice on the use of Wikimedia / Wikipedia / MediaWiki logos and trademarks in your activities.
  • Connections with the Wikimedia movement.
  • Participation and promotion of your group in Wikimedia regional and global activities.
  • Merchandising.
  • Economic support for participation in external events and organization of own events.

Budget requests


MediaWiki Groups are encouraged to be creative developing their activities without requiring the circulation of cash: using rooms offered for free, having booths in non-profit areas of events, receiving existing merchandising for distribution, obtaining travel sponsorship for events...

However, sometimes money IS needed.

In this case, the first option is to look for support through local sponsors providing meeting space, equipment, drinks & catering... Most logistical problems can be solved without requiring any cash at all.

If cash is needed then the default funding sources are Wikimedia chapters. Small budgets MediaWiki groups can also try requesting funding to the Wikimedia Foundation.