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This is a rough proposal for Gerrit to better fit the operations/puppet.git workflow. The repository is maintained by WMF operation team and is also used by WMF non-ops staff as well as volunteers from the community. The repository has only one branch: "production".


The workflow depends on the role of the user:

ops, minor change
git push their commit
self approve their change
ops, work in progress change
git push their commit
find a pair to review
get approved
git push the commit
find an ops to review
op approve the change

Enhancement proposals

Various proposals were discussed:

N/a Stop ...

Add a new reference system in Gerrit to have a change autoapproved. Something like refs/autoplustwo. When one git push origin master:refs/autoplustwo/master, Gerrit would autoapprove the change. The push to that ref tree would be restricted to ops. This is probably not trivial. [[:File:]]


Write a plugin for the RefUpdated hook in 2.5 that will handle auto-approval. This probably is doable, but would need a bit of work (less than above, though)