This page explains how to enable translation updates via on projects hosted in Wikimedia Gerrit. For general guidance how to get a project set up on, see setup of a new project on

The steps are not needed for extensions or skins hosted on Gerrit, because they automatically inherit correct settings. For them it is just enough to file a request on Phabricator using tag.

Repository access edit

File a task in Phabricator using this template.

Translation checks edit

File a task in Phabricator using this template or submit a patch to integration/config repository in gerrit: You need to change section for your repository in /zuul/layout.yaml in integration/config and add these rows:

    - mediawiki-i18n-check-docker

In case there is no section for the gerrit repository (which means there is no CI yet), they should add something like this.

- name: some/repository
      - mediawiki-i18n-check-docker

Example commit: gerrit:c/integration/config/+/467329 Gerrit repository edit

All MediaWiki skins and extensions are already set up on the end to attempt to auto-merge i18n patches. However, if you're adding translation updates to a different kind of repo, you will need to edit repoconfig.yaml file in the Gerrit repository to enable automerge there (example commit).