GeoData Storage & API/status

Last update on: 2013-01-monthly


Further development is now pending testing to see how well it works with our apps


Further development is still pending testing to see how well it works with our apps.


The extension is ready for deployment, we're waiting for hardware to run geospatial searches


GeoData has been rewritten to support spatial searches via Solr; we are working with the Operations team to prepare for deployment.


We plan to start deploying Solr-based GeoData in early December.


During December Max Semenik continued work on GeoData, the extension directly responsible for allowing us to easily store and retrieve GPS coordinates in our databases. Max migrated the extension from implementation, to code review, and finally deployment to the English Wikipedia. It will become 100% production-quality after a few more tweaks and fixes. After those changes, we'll continue to roll out to the rest of the wikis. The extension is one of the precursors to having the "near by" feature on our mobile web site.


After its soft launch in December, GeoData was officially announced this month. Work on improvements and bug fixing continues. The Special:Nearby page, which has been deployed to an experimental version of the site, represents the first major use of this feature on mobile projects. We hope to use it to help contributors identify articles in need of photos.