Fundraising tech/vagrant

Getting started edit

When you are ready to select a vagrant role, use 'fundraising' and then vagrant provision (must be done after you have successfully executed vagrant up):

   vagrant enable-role fundraising
   vagrant provision

Also note that the fundraising role assumes that the vagrant repo is in /vagrant and that drush is in /usr/local/bin/drush.

Assuming your box builds without error, visit and the wiki's main page will have links to help you get started. Please note that the subdomain is actually a wildcard DNS that resolves to, so if you are running vagrant on a different host than you're browsing from, or if you're offline, you'll need to add hosts entries yourself.

This role also installs CiviCRM, at The admin login can be found in the puppet settings.

To use CentralNotice, navigate to

Saving a Working Vagrant Snapshot edit

Vagrant snapshot lets you save the current state of vagrant

 vagrant snapshot save [name of snapshot]


Running PHPUnit tests for mediawiki-fr edit

The fundraising role checks out a separate branch of mediawiki core into /vagrant/mediawiki-fr. From the vagrant directory, do:

   vagrant ssh
   cd /vagrant/mediawiki-fr/
   git submodule foreach git checkout master
   composer install
   export MW_INSTALL_PATH=/vagrant/mediawiki-fr
   php tests/phpunit/phpunit.php --wiki paymentswiki --group DonationInterface

Running PHPUnit tests for CRM edit

Until T230064 is resolved, you will need to comment out line 8 beginning with "eval" in org.wikimedia.omnimail/tests/phpunit/bootstrap.php to get debugging working with tests.

From within the vagrant directory:

vagrant ssh
cd /vagrant/srv/org.wikimedia.civicrm/

Testing queue operations under vagrant edit

Please see Fundraising tech/Queue testing.

Setting up MySQL Workbench edit

 Connection Method: Standard TCP/IP over SSH
 SSH Hostname:
 SSH Username: vagrant
 SSH Password: Choose store in keychain
 SSH Key File: Vagrant creates one in .vagrant/machines/default/virtualbox folder called private_key
 MySQL Hostname:
 MySQL Server Port: 3306
 Username: civicrm_user
 Password: civicrm_pass