Fundraising tech/Training

The bus factor table of who is familiar with which areas of Fundraising code and infrastructure.

ARG cwdent eileen ejegg cstone mepps XenoRyet jgleeson Other
Adyen X X X X
Amazon X
Analytics - ecom ZExley
Analytics - ecom-sahar
Analytics - new
Auditing - Amazon X X
Auditing - Ingenico X X X
Auditing - Other X X
Auditing - PayPal X X X
Banner imps - Old (UDP2log/pgehres) X X
CentralNotice X X X
Contribution tracking X x X
Continuous integration jobs X x X Hashar
CRM - Database X x X X X X
CRM - Queue consumers x X x X X X X X
CRM - Civi X X X X X
Dash X X X
D-Local X
Donate Wiki / FLP PCoombe
DonationInterface antifraud X X
DonationInterface backend x X X X X X
DonationInterface frontend X X X X
Email unsubscribe X X X X
Fredge X X X X
Globalcollect X X X X
Hive X X
Ingenico X X X X
Payments deployment X X X X X
Paypal Legacy X X X
Paypal Express X X X
Process-Control X X
Redis X X x X
Silverpop X x X CCogdill, the-wub
SmashPig listeners X X x X
SmashPig job runners X X X x X
Thank-you letter translation X X JRobell, the-wub
Vagrant x X X X X X X