Fundraising tech/Pre-campaign checklist

Note: This page is a work in under construction!

Action items

  • Lock down thank you letter months before campaign--this is part of code freeze.
  • Line up a bunch of safe coding tasks (e.g. Dashboard) and make sure we're all set up to work on them
  • in September, check for tech blockers to various teams
    • Can Engage still enter donations? Donor services and Major Gifts contractors can do their thing?
    • Is Silverpop export robust and accurate?
    • Are Major Gifts' reports accurate?
    • Review again in October and November.
  • September: Check number of remaining MaxMind queries, pay for more if appropriate.
  • November: Check disk space on all the servers, clean up a bit
  • November: Round up and eliminate meaningless failmail
  • October: Allocate fr-tech floating holidays for the rest of the year and start thinking about on-call days
  • November: Review technical/security incident response procedure, including communications

Stuff to verify is working, and monitor, for CN and impression analytics

  • GeoIP
  • Webrequest logs in Hive
  • No other CN campaigns that would take precedence/compete w/ FR for pageviews
  • No dicey deploys to wikis
  • Varnish-kafkatee whateverz
  • MessageCache working
  • Impression loader job

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