Fundraising tech/Importing donation files

Our "offline2civicrm" Drupal module provides a web UI at for manually importing new donations and contact information from a few file formats.

The most interesting file formats are the "generic" spreadsheet templates, these should be the preferred alternative whenever we can control the format, for example with one-off imports or when exchanging data with check processing houses. You can find the latest templates here, please refer to the inline documentation by hovering over each column header. Not all the columns need to be filled out, but you cannot remove any columns.

Please consult with fundraising-tech for guidelines on how to handle and securely exchange files containing personal and financial information.

When you've populated the data and are prepared to import the file, save a copy as a CSV, upload it using the import_checks form, and select "Generic Individuals" as the file format. Some logging and summary statistics are reported in the bottom pane.