Fundraising tech/Free Software Citizenship

We aim to make our code useful to the world at large, not just the Wikimedia Foundation, and not just organizations running MediaWiki.

SmashPig edit

  • Keep it free of Civi /  MediaWiki dependencies
  • Build out standardized processor API wrappers
  • Use standard logging

DonationInterface edit

  • Reduce it to a forms layer for SmashPig
  • Move all WMF-specific messaging into settings

Third party edit

CiviCRM edit

  • Currently upstreaming core fixes
  • We have made a handful of extensions available - geocoding, unsubscribe screen
  • We have funded the core team to make improvements, notably to the dashboard and caching systems and summary UI
  • Convert existing drupal modules to CiviCRM extensions
  1. large contribution notifications (easy)
  2. audit parsing
  3. recurring charges

PHP-Queue edit

  • Upstream existing fixes

Amazon Payments SDK edit

  • Upstream existing fixes

Other projects to reference edit

  • Omnipay
  • WMDE fundraising refactor

See also edit