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CiviProxy On Docker edit

Overview edit

As part of the email preferences work relating to this ticket, we added Civiproxy to the fundraising tech docker stack. We haven't managed to script up all the steps needed to make CiviProxy run as of writing. Currently there are two fairly straightforward manual setup steps required to get CiviProxy working with CiviCRM on the docker stack.

Setup edit

Get/Set CIVICRM_SITE_KEY in docker-compose.yml edit

From the fundraising_dev project root open up src/civi-sites/ and find the value of CIVI_SITE_KEY e.g. 'sG17RSjGxjgFVzgy'. Use this value to set the CiviProxy environment variable below:


Update `civicrm`.`contact` api_key field for admin user to 'docker-api-key' edit

Before running the SQL query below. You need to have logged into Drupal as the admin user so that CiviCRM creates the associated civicrm contact for admin otherwise it won't work. See screengrab of why is this necessary here.

UPDATE civicrm.civicrm_contact
   civicrm.civicrm_uf_match drupal_user_field ON (drupal_user_field.contact_id =
   civicrm_contact.api_key = 'docker-api-key'
   drupal_user_field.uf_name = ''

Other edit

Docker stack CiviProxy Test URL edit


Gerrit patches edit

  • dev-images: (only needed if building locally):
  • Fundraising-dev:
  • CiviCRM: