Frontend standards group/2014-10-23-Weekly


  • Going with Mustache in core \o/
    • note: make sure we land Mustache lib via composer if possible
  • PHP OOUI has been merged
    • Progressive enhancements are next
  • RL template module ready to be merged (?) - would rather do this way before next deployment as it is a breaking flow/mobile change.
  • Icon libraries
    • Trevor has been talking with May and Jared
    • Discussion about a distributed library rather then a central one
    • Icon module should be reviewable within a week


  • composer and similar management for js (npm/bower?)
    • make sure we can pin versions! so when building tarballs or reverting to old versions things don't explode with wrong/unexpected versions
    • npm vs bower -- nested dependencies are weird in npm? bower installs just one jquery, npm installs many
      • bower may be a better fit for our needs due to this consistent versioning of installed packages? but hate to have to choose
      • switching bower -> npm probably easier than switching npm -> bower if we have to change later
  • further discussion -> needs timo & ori!
    • key asks:
      • Should we have a js package manager?
        • Room feels yes but Timo says no, lets discuss
      • If we use one, which one is it? bower or npm?
    • Increase of dependencies in MediaWiki?
      • should just be a development/fancy deployment dependency. tarballs would presumably have everything preincluded, as with composer libs
      • not that much more trouble than adding composer as a development dependency
      • (if anything it's easier to install npm than composer! and it can all be scripted.)

Front-end library management in MediaWiki coreEdit

  • Investigation and possible standardization of javascript library management for MediaWiki core using a system that meshes with Composer management of PHP libraries
    • Some details at
    • Bryan and Kunal are willing to be fingers on keyboards for this as part of the Q2 "Librarization" project but need input and guidance from this group


See if we can move this meeting to just after Lunch [Tomasz]