Frontend standards group/2014-10-09-Weekly



  • Implementors report on active projects

Trevor: Skin refactorEdit

  • OOUI theme is delegated to Prateek
  • OOUI PHP delegated to Bartosz
  • Trevor is now on skin refactor
  • Has met with Lego
  • And diving into the mess that is MediaWiki PHP
  • Planning stage and Trevor will update RFC

Jon: Icons and templatesEdit

  • Waiting on Bartosz and Monte
  • Trevor would really like to see a core patch for Jons template work
    • Blocked on Brion talking with arch team

Bartosz: OOjs UI PHP implementationEdit

  • Fixed some typos and syntax errors
  • Just starting to work on remaining parts
  • Will have more to share after the weekend
  • Trevor handed it off with buttons and elements working
  • Needs another week or so to demonstrate it

Prateek: MediaWiki theme for OOjs UIEdit

  • Refining the existing theme
  • Increased amount of alighment between style guide and OOjs UI


  • Generated icons for MediaWiki core
    • Revisit dynamic RL vs build-process
    • Extension API vs than central repository
    • Performance concens
      • Get numbers on how slow imagemagick convert is
      • Need an icon module to be able to be generated in <= 2
    • Generator is in good shape to adapt to core
      • Need to add support for more flexible of CSS output
  • OOjs UI template integration
    • Where are we at with choosing a language?
      • Has not been discussed at arch meeting
      • Instead of waiting for arch comittee Jon's patch for RL templates will help to move this forward
    • Extend ResourceLoaderFileModule


  • Jon to prepare patch for core for RL templates, using html as the markup language
  • Trevor to prototype RL based icon generation infrastructure