Frontend Architecture Working Group/Updates


The group decided on supporting Vue.js on MediaWiki as a front-end framework. Full report at task T241180

Week of 2019-10-07Edit

  • Reading on Desktop improvements project
  • Reading RFC:New Skin for Desktop Improvements Project
  • Working group breaking into smaller work-teams
    • Front-end frameworks: focusing on which framework, what the requirements are and the evaluation criteria
    • Big Picture: Structuring the deliverables, what are the high level requirements?, what needs to change vs. what stays the same?
    • What does migration look like?: Inventory of components/libraries/etc that need to be migrated. What would migration look like for each of these?

Week of 2019-09-30Edit

  • Agreement on goal: "An overall architecture for where we want the frontend to go, and a plan for getting there that considers what can be done incrementally and which large changes need to happen all at once"
  • Discussion of ways to split the group into smaller sub-groups for efficiency.

Week of 2019-09-25Edit

  • Creation and review of each working group members' history of working on this issue
  • Creation and review of document of pain points to pull out themes.

Week of 2019-09-18Edit

  • Kick-off of working group
  • Members reading on purpose and scope of working group
  • Review of timelines