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Is it possible to use HTML tags inside the <syntaxhighlight></syntaxhighlight> tags?

MrJConstantine (talkcontribs)

I'm dealing with a programming language that's based on Delphi but has some differences.

There are some keywords that do not exist in Delphi, so they won't be colored and highlighted the proper way.

Is it somehow possible to use the HTML tags like <b> or <i> inside the <syntaxhighlight lang=delphi line></syntaxhighlight> blocks?

I would appreciate the help.

ExE Boss (talkcontribs)

No, because <syntaxhighlight> is a <nowiki>‑like tag.

PerfektesChaos (talkcontribs)

You would need to extend the upstream variety of offered languages. However, perhaps there is already another Delphi derivative which will fit your needs?

MrJConstantine (talkcontribs)

Actually, no. It's our internal system and it is not officially available anywhere except our company.

Dinoguy1000 (talkcontribs)

It's possible to work around this by using #tag, e.g. {{ #tag: syntaxhighlight | sample code here with a bit of <b>bolding</b> |lang=delphi |line }}, but it's likely to be pretty finicky (and you're not likely to get much help working around that finickiness). PerfektesChaos' suggestions would be better.

MrJConstantine (talkcontribs)

I've tried it like this but it doesn't work for me.

I get the following result:

Tacsipacsi (talkcontribs)

Pygments (the library which does the actual highlighting) is open source, so you can write your own lexer based on the Delphi/Pascal one. I haven’t tried doing so, so I don’t know how complicated it is (especially installing the modified Pygments), but it should be possible.

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Failed to invoke Pygments: Error clone: main.c:2608 main: Operation not permitted [Called from SyntaxHighlight::highlightInner

Lwangaman (talkcontribs)

With MediaWiki 1.35.3, I was able to get the SyntaxHighlight extension to work by using an external pygmentize:

$wgPygmentizePath = '/usr/local/bin/pygmentize';

However after upgrading to MediaWiki 1.36.2, pygmentize is no longer working correctly. If I turn on error reporting:

ini_set("display_errors", 1);

$wgShowExceptionDetails = true;
$wgShowDBErrorBacktrace = false;
$wgShowSQLErrors = true;
$wgResourceLoaderDebug = false;
$wgDebugToolbar = true;
$wgDevelopmentWarnings = true;
$wgShowDebug = true;

I then get these errors:

Notice: Failed to invoke Pygments: Error clone: main.c:2608 main: Operation not permitted [Called from SyntaxHighlight::highlightInner in /path/to/mediawiki_1_36/w/extensions/SyntaxHighlight_GeSHi/includes/SyntaxHighlight.php at line 316] in /path/to/mediawiki_1_36/w/includes/debug/MWDebug.php on line 499

Same or similiar problem for lilypond:

Unable to obtain LilyPond version:
Error clone: main.c:2608 main: Operation not permitted

In the debug data I see the following information:

[exec] Executing: '/usr/bin/firejail' '--quiet' '--profile=/path/to/mediawiki_1_36/w/includes/shell/firejail.profile' '--blacklist=/path/to/mediawiki_1_36/w/LocalSettings.php' '--noroot' '--seccomp' '--private-dev' '--net=none' -- /bin/bash '/path/to/mediawiki_1_36/w/vendor/wikimedia/shellbox/src/Command/limit.sh' ''\''/usr/local/bin/pygmentize'\'' '\''-l'\'' '\''js'\'' '\''-f'\'' '\''html'\'' '\''-O'\'' '\''cssclass=mw-highlight,encoding=utf-8,linenos=inline'\''' 'SB_INCLUDE_STDERR=;SB_CPU_LIMIT=180; SB_CGROUP='\'''\''; SB_MEM_LIMIT=314572800; SB_FILE_SIZE_LIMIT=104857600; SB_WALL_CLOCK_LIMIT=180; SB_USE_LOG_PIPE=yes'
[exec] Error running '/usr/bin/firejail' '--quiet' '--profile=/path/to/mediawiki_1_36/w/includes/shell/firejail.profile' '--blacklist=/path/to/mediawiki_1_36/w/LocalSettings.php' '--noroot' '--seccomp' '--private-dev' '--net=none' -- /bin/bash '/path/to/mediawiki_1_36/w/vendor/wikimedia/shellbox/src/Command/limit.sh' ''\''/usr/local/bin/pygmentize'\'' '\''-l'\'' '\''js'\'' '\''-f'\'' '\''html'\'' '\''-O'\'' '\''cssclass=mw-highlight,encoding=utf-8,linenos=inline'\''' 'SB_INCLUDE_STDERR=;SB_CPU_LIMIT=180; SB_CGROUP='\'''\''; SB_MEM_LIMIT=314572800; SB_FILE_SIZE_LIMIT=104857600; SB_WALL_CLOCK_LIMIT=180; SB_USE_LOG_PIPE=yes': Error clone: main.c:2608 main: Operation not permitted
[objectcache] fetchOrRegenerate(global:highlight:f3eb16b7c32d4a36f595352942cb4e1b): miss, new value computed
[error] [YWLA1o0mAVG7arGqGzx1GAAAAA4] /wiki/User_talk:Johnrdorazio ErrorException: PHP Notice: Failed to invoke Pygments: Error clone: main.c:2608 main: Operation not permitted
[Called from SyntaxHighlight::highlightInner in /path/to/mediawiki_1_36/w/extensions/SyntaxHighlight_GeSHi/includes/SyntaxHighlight.php at line 316]
[warning] Failed to invoke Pygments: Error clone: main.c:2608 main: Operation not permitted
[Called from SyntaxHighlight::highlightInner in /path/to/mediawiki_1_36/w/extensions/SyntaxHighlight_GeSHi/includes/SyntaxHighlight.php at line 316]
Lwangaman (talkcontribs)

Does MediaWiki 1.36 require the usage of a local shellbox proxy? Or is that optional? I thought I would try adapting the instructions for setting up MediaWiki Shellbox to work in my Plesk setup, but I haven't been successful yet, so I've kept these two lines commented out:

//$wgShellboxUrl = 'http://shellbox.internal/shellbox';
//$wgShellboxSecretKey = 'random_generated_key_here';

But I still can't quite figure out if this is required by MediaWiki 1.36 or simply supported by MediaWiki 1.36.

Lwangaman (talkcontribs)


/usr/local/bin/pygmentize -l sql -f html -O cssclass=mw-highlight,encoding=utf-8 < /dev/null

on the command line outputs:

<div class="mw-highlight"><pre><span></span>

Same goes for

/path/to/mediawiki_1_36/w/extensions/SyntaxHighlight_GeSHi/pygments/pygmentize -l sql -f html -O cssclass=mw-highlight,encoding=utf-8 < /dev/null

. So they seem to work from the command line. Seems to me the Shell::Command is not working correctly to invoke pygmentize, or lilypond, or perhaps any shell command?

Lwangaman (talkcontribs)

I'm running MediaWiki/Shellbox 1.0.4, so I don't believe that Phabricator T274474 is the issue.

To further test this, I am attempting to run the same pygmentize under firejail from the command line. I'm explicitly whitelisting limit.sh when running from the command line, and this kind of seems to work:

firejail --profile=/path/to/mediawiki_1_36/w/includes/shell/firejail.profile --blacklist=/path/to/mediawiki_1_36/w/LocalSettings.php --whitelist=/path/to/mediawiki_1_36/w/vendor/wikimedia/shellbox/src/Command/limit.sh --noroot --seccomp --private-dev --net=none -- /bin/bash /path/to/mediawiki_1_36/w/vendor/wikimedia/shellbox/src/Command/limit.sh '/usr/local/bin/pygmentize -l sql -f html -O cssclass=mw-highlight,encoding=utf-8,linenos=inline < /dev/null' SB_INCLUDE_STDERR=; SB_CPU_LIMIT=180; SB_CGROUP=''; SB_MEM_LIMIT=314572800; SB_FILE_SIZE_LIMIT=104857600; SB_WALL_CLOCK_LIMIT=180; SB_USE_LOG_PIPE=yes

This produces:

Reading profile /path/to/mediawiki_1_36/w/includes/shell/firejail.profile
Parent pid 3252769, child pid 3252770
Child process initialized in 24.94 ms
<div class="mw-highlight"><pre><span></span><span class="linenos">1</span>

Parent is shutting down, bye...

However it only works if I add that " < /dev/null". Without the "< /dev/null" the process just hangs. Is it possible that this is missing from MediaWiki Shell Command?

Lwangaman (talkcontribs)

I tried editing wikimedia/shellbox/src/Command/BashWrapper.php like this:

        if ( $time > 0 || $mem > 0 || $filesize > 0 || $wallTime > 0 ) {
            $cmd = '/bin/bash ' . escapeshellarg( __DIR__ . '/limit.sh' ) . ' ' .
                escapeshellarg( $command->getCommandString() . ' < /dev/null' ) . ' ' .
                    "SB_INCLUDE_STDERR=" . ( $command->getIncludeStderr() ? '1' : '' ) . ';' .
                    "SB_CPU_LIMIT=$time; " .
                    'SB_CGROUP=' . escapeshellarg( $this->cgroup ) . '; ' .
                    "SB_MEM_LIMIT=$mem; " .
                    "SB_FILE_SIZE_LIMIT=$filesize; " .
                    "SB_WALL_CLOCK_LIMIT=$wallTime; " .
            $command->unsafeCommand( $cmd )
            if ( $command->getAllowedPaths() ) {
                // If specific paths have been allowed, make sure we explicitly
                // allow limit.sh. We don't do this unconditionally because it
                // doesn't work as expected in firejail, see T274474, T182486
                $command->allowPath( __DIR__ . '/limit.sh' );

Notice the extra . ' < /dev/null' after $command->getCommandString(). However this still doesn't help much, I'm getting the same error as before:

[exec] Executing: '/usr/bin/firejail' '--quiet' '--profile=/path/to/mediawiki_1_36/w/includes/shell/firejail.profile' '--blacklist=/path/to/mediawiki_1_36/w/LocalSettings.php' '--noroot' '--seccomp' '--private-dev' '--net=none' -- /bin/bash '/path/to/mediawiki_1_36/w/vendor/wikimedia/shellbox/src/Command/limit.sh' ''\''/usr/local/bin/pygmentize'\'' '\''-l'\'' '\''js'\'' '\''-f'\'' '\''html'\'' '\''-O'\'' '\''cssclass=mw-highlight,encoding=utf-8,linenos=inline'\'' < /dev/null' 'SB_INCLUDE_STDERR=;SB_CPU_LIMIT=180; SB_CGROUP='\'''\''; SB_MEM_LIMIT=314572800; SB_FILE_SIZE_LIMIT=104857600; SB_WALL_CLOCK_LIMIT=180; SB_USE_LOG_PIPE=yes'
[exec] Error running '/usr/bin/firejail' '--quiet' '--profile=/path/to/mediawiki_1_36/w/includes/shell/firejail.profile' '--blacklist=/path/to/mediawiki_1_36/w/LocalSettings.php' '--noroot' '--seccomp' '--private-dev' '--net=none' -- /bin/bash '/path/to/mediawiki_1_36/w/vendor/wikimedia/shellbox/src/Command/limit.sh' ''\''/usr/local/bin/pygmentize'\'' '\''-l'\'' '\''js'\'' '\''-f'\'' '\''html'\'' '\''-O'\'' '\''cssclass=mw-highlight,encoding=utf-8,linenos=inline'\'' < /dev/null' 'SB_INCLUDE_STDERR=;SB_CPU_LIMIT=180; SB_CGROUP='\'''\''; SB_MEM_LIMIT=314572800; SB_FILE_SIZE_LIMIT=104857600; SB_WALL_CLOCK_LIMIT=180; SB_USE_LOG_PIPE=yes': Error clone: main.c:2608 main: Operation not permitted
Lwangaman (talkcontribs)

I see others have had a similar issue when running in a docker container (see https://github.com/netblue30/firejail/issues/1856), however I'm not running in a docker container. To make sure permissions are not an issue, I did a 'sudo su - mediawikiApacheUser' and then issued the same pygmentize under firejail from the command line, this time as the mediawiki apache user, and got the same result as above without any permission errors.

Lwangaman (talkcontribs)

I see someone else mentioned something about an old kernel being the issue, with missing NAMESPACE support.

My current kernel, on Ubuntu 20.04, is 5.4.0-73-generic. If I cd /usr/src/linux-headers-5.4.0-73-generic and egrep '_NS' .config, I seem to have all of the necessary NAMESPACE support:


So that doesn't seem to me to be the issue...

Tacsipacsi (talkcontribs)

(edit conflict)×3

If you don’t add < /dev/null, the process tries to read from the standard input, i.e. it waits for you to type something. Press Ctrl+D to tell it you’re done with typing.

I’m not really familiar with Firejail, but doesn’t its behavior depend on the user executing it? By using

sudo -u www-data firejail ...

instead of

firejail ...

you should become closer to what actually happens when MediaWiki tries to call Pygmentize (assuming you use Apache, different web servers may use different users).

Lwangaman (talkcontribs)

In fact I did give that a try, as mentioned here. Seems to be working ok, without any particular errors... So I'm not sure why the MediaWiki Shellbox::Command is producing Error clone: main.c:2608 main: Operation not permitted.

Lwangaman (talkcontribs)

For the time being I have just set $wgShellRestrictionMethod to false, rather than to 'firejail'. At least Lilypond and Pygments are working again. It would be nice for it to work with firejail...

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Pneuma01 (talkcontribs)

Excuse me. On my local MediaWIki, when I install SyntaxHighlighter, I get an error message when displaying Gadget:

Notice: fwrite(): write of 7804 bytes failed with errno=32 Broken pipe in D:\mediawiki-1.36.0\vendor\wikimedia\shellbox\src\Command\UnboxedExecutor.php on line 315

When I save this script, the gadget does not work, but it does work if I remove SyntaxHighlighter from LocalSettings.php beforehand and save it.

Can anyone tell me what is causing this? (talkcontribs)

I'm getting the same error on my new install of 1.36.0

Seems to be looking for the OS type, but not sure how to fix it. (talkcontribs)

I "fix" the problem with this code on line 315 : $res = @fwrite( $pipe, $buffers[$fd], 65536 );

Lwangaman (talkcontribs)

I don't think that really fixes anything, that just hides/silences the error message? But the error is still there. I am getting the same error now on 1.36.2 after upgrading from 1.35.3.

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how to batch replace <source> with <syntaxhighlight>

Hawk914 (talkcontribs)

Hi, I am new to mediawiki. But I have to upgrade an old mediawiki that contains lots of page with source tags. Since it's deprecated by syntaxhighlight tag, how do I replace all source tags in all pages with syntaxhighlight tag in a batch way?

Dinoguy1000 (talkcontribs)

The way I'd do it is via AutoWikiBrowser (AWB) or a similar (semi)automated editing tool (if you're handy with a programming language and don't mind spending time on it, you could also write such a tool yourself). If you can install extensions yourself, or can request to have them installed, another option is Extension:ReplaceText , though personally I don't recommend this versus running AWB or similar.

2001:A61:BDD:901:C911:EA05:A98:C376 (talkcontribs)

Another possibility for linux is the pywikibot replace script (see Manual:Pywikibot/replace.py) with the following user-fix.py entry:

fixes['source_tag'] = {
    'regex': False,
    'msg': {
        '_default': 'source-tag ersetzt durch syntaxhighlight',
    'replacements': [
        (r'<source', '<syntaxhighlight'),
        (r'</source', '</syntaxhighlight'),

called like this:

python3 pwb.py replace -fix:source_tag -start:!
Mustakioren (talkcontribs)

that worked for me

cat wiki.sql | sed 's/<source/<syntaxhighlight/g' | sed 's/<\/source/<\/syntaxhighlight/g' > wiki.new.sql

make sure to backup and check thoroughly after importing back

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The code field is a keyboard trap

MLRodrigue (talkcontribs)

I noticed that it is impossible to get out of the code entry field when you have to rely on keyboard navigation. (Mediawiki 1.31). Would it be hard to fix this?

Tacsipacsi (talkcontribs)

The issue is that the tab key is used to indent/outdent the code. I don’t think it would be hard to change this behavior to navigating between form fields, but then there was no way to change the indentation (except for copy-pasting the tabulator character or entering it by ASCII/Unicode codepoint, neither of them is convenient). So there’s no good solution for this; the developers seem to have chosen a solution that’s better for those who prefer indenting their code with tabs but worse for those who rely on keyboard navigation.

Dinoguy1000 (talkcontribs)

Could Shift+Tab be adapted for this purpose? AFAIK it has no special function within the field, and it also doesn't in the browser or OS (Ctrl+Tab switches between open tabs in Firefox and (IIRC) Chrome, and Alt+Tab switches between open program windows in Windows).

Tacsipacsi (talkcontribs)

It has: that’s the outdent. (Shift, as usual, reverses the direction: here it’s outdent instead of indent, if it wasn’t overridden, it would go to the previous form field instead of the next one, Ctrl+Shift+Tab goes to the previous tab instead of the next one, Alt+Shift+Tab goes to the least recently used window instead of the most recently used one, and so on.)

Dinoguy1000 (talkcontribs)

Aah, right, I always forget about outdenting for some reason. So much for that idea, then.

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Syntax-highlight text from a template?

Jordan Brown (talkcontribs)

I want to have a template that contains precisely the source file to be displayed, and to drop it into another page syntax-highlighted.

Conceptually, what I want is something like

<syntaxhighlight> {{msgnw:MySourceFile}} </syntaxhighlight>

but of course that doesn't expand the template.

{{Pre|{{msgnw:MySourceFile}}}} sort of works, but it's not quite the same formatting as <syntaxhighlight>.

Is there a way?

Dinoguy1000 (talkcontribs)

If you haven't already, try {{ #tag: syntaxhighlight | {{MySourceFile}} |lang="lang" }}.

Jordan Brown (talkcontribs)

Thanks but, alas, turns a semicolon into &#59;.

Precisely what I tried - itself inside a template - is

{{ #tag: syntaxhighlight | {{msgnw:User:Jordan Brown/sandbox/{{{name}}}}}|lang="C" }}

where the page pointed at contains cube(10);.

But I didn't know anything about #tag, so I'll look into it further.

Dinoguy1000 (talkcontribs)

You might have luck without the msgnw (I haven't tested this myself):

{{ #tag: syntaxhighlight | {{:User:Jordan Brown/sandbox/{{{name}}}}}|lang="C" }}
Jordan Brown (talkcontribs)

No, didn't work. With

{{ #tag: syntaxhighlight | {{{{BOOKNAME}}/examples/{{{name}}}}}|lang="C"|line="line" }}

and the input being (a deliberate torture test)

cube(10);|| foo && bar {{baz}} <pre></pre> &lt;
x < 5 && y > 6

the result was

cube(10);|| foo && bar [[:Template:Baz]] '"`UNIQ--pre-00000000-QINU`"' &lt;
x < 5 && y > 6

Thanks for your help. Other editors on the book have looked at it and decided that my idea of keeping the examples in separate pages would be too awkward, so I'm abandoning the effort for now.

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Incompatible with hardened PHP installation

Noloader (talkcontribs)

Hi Everyone,

This looks like a very useful extension. I hope we can get it working with our installation.

We run a hardened web server at www.cryptopp.com. We remove a bunch of unsafe functions using PHP ini file via disable_functions. You can find the hardened settings here: https://github.com/weidai11/website/blob/master/install/security.ini.

When we attempt to enable SyntaxHighlight in LocalSettings.php, this is the result:

Fatal error: Uncaught ExtensionDependencyError: SyntaxHighlight requires "shell" ability:
Unable to run external programs, proc_open() is disabled in /var/www/html/w/includes/registration/ExtensionRegistry.php:407
Stack trace:
#0 /var/www/html/w/includes/registration/ExtensionRegistry.php(231): ExtensionRegistry->readFromQueue()
#1 /var/www/html/w/includes/Setup.php(161): ExtensionRegistry->loadFromQueue()
#2 /var/www/html/w/includes/WebStart.php(89): require_once('/var/www/html/w...')
#3 /var/www/html/w/index.php(44): require('/var/www/html/w...')
#4 {main} thrown in /var/www/html/w/includes/registration/ExtensionRegistry.php on line 407

PHP does not allow us to whitelist one extension.

My request is, it would be nice if SyntaxHighlight had its own pretty print code so it can handle syntax highlighting within the sandbox that PHP is restricted to.

Thanks in advance.

Tacsipacsi (talkcontribs)

I don’t think it’s a realistic wish, this extension relies on an external program exactly to avoid reinventing the wheel. If it had its own built-in highlighter, then the external one would not be necessary at all, but it would be a large maintenance burden. You can try using the old MediaWiki 1.24 version, which uses GeSHi, written in plain PHP, but I’m sure it won’t work out of the box with modern MW versions. Also, it was for a reason that it was replaced, long-unmaintained software is probably not the best choice if security is an important factor…

Noloader (talkcontribs)

Thanks @Tacsipacsi.

As much as I hate to suggest it... Can you consider a PHP compatible library and install it via Composer? Instead of using banned functions and external programs, you would use the PHP library. Or make it a configuration option (external program vs PHP library). That should meet your needs and the needs of folks who wish to harden their installation.

Maybe something like one of these:

Also see "php" syntax highlighter site:github.com.

Noloader (talk) 01:17, 13 April 2021 (UTC)

Noloader (talkcontribs)

Oh, check this out @Tacsipacsi...

https://github.com/ramsey/pygments. It is an actively maintained PHP Wrapper for the Python Pygments.

How difficult would it be to use the PHP bindings rather than shelling out?

Tacsipacsi (talkcontribs)

Probably not that difficult, but at least entirely useless—ramsey/pygments also shells out (through symfony/process). I don’t think it’s possible to run any non-PHP program if you don’t want to allow shelling out; how would you do that?

Noloader (talkcontribs)
Tacsipacsi (talkcontribs)

I haven’t tried interacting with non-PHP code from PHP ever except for with proc_open(), so I don’t have any experience, but I wouldn’t hope it can directly interact with Python. Maybe PHP could interact with C and C with Python, as both Zend and CPython interpreters are written in C, but that’s quite a number of hops (and it’s complicated also by the fact that C should be compiled for each platform individually).

However, it just came into my mind that there’s a work in progress to containerize shell execution; maybe it’s acceptable for you security-wise to allow running arbitrary code in an isolated container. This is a priority for Wikimedia as well, so hopefully sooner or later it will be implemented for this extension, too.

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how do disable the "pages with syntax highlighting errors" tracking category?

Nicole Sharp (talkcontribs)

How can I disable the "pages with syntax highlighting errors" tracking category? Not sure why, but I am experiencing a bug where this tracking category displays for the Pygments language of mma, though admittedly I am using mma incorrectly for Maxima syntax instead of Wolfram Mathematica syntax.


Nicole Sharp (talk) 06:14, 27 March 2021 (UTC)

PerfektesChaos (talkcontribs)

I am not aware that this category is triggered when invalid syntax is occurring in code.

The category is configured via MediaWiki:Syntaxhighlight-error-category system message.

  • I would not recommend to drop the entire category.
  • Usually they are sensitive for template programming.
  • Therefore you can evaluate by {{#switch: {{FULLPAGENAME}} |=}} the current page and whitelist some exceptional pages, by assigning - and category title respectively.

Anyway, you might mark the category as __HIDDENCAT__ which will show categorization to registered users only, who opt-in to see such hidden maintenance categorizations.

Tacsipacsi (talkcontribs)

I don’t think so—Flow doesn’t play nice with advanced wikitext features like categories—or syntax highlighting itself.

<!-- this should be highlighted as an HTML comment, yet it’s plain black -->
This doesn’t have any language at all, so if Flow worked properly, it ended up in the category.
Nicole Sharp (talkcontribs)

I didn't know you could hide categories. That seems to be an adequate solution to keep the category from public view. I am not sure why it is being triggered though since the extension is being used correctly and not meeting the criteria for syntax highlighting errors. It seems to be a problem with the server or wiki configuration since it is affecting all Pygments languages, not just mma. I am switching over to use Highlightjs_Integration instead though, since HighlightJS supports Maxima and Pygments does not. Nicole Sharp (talk) 14:22, 27 March 2021 (UTC)

Nicole Sharp (talkcontribs)

Unfortunately, the hidden categories aren't hidden very well, and still show up under "special:categories." Is there a way to disable the SyntaxHighlight tracking categories? Nicole Sharp (talk) 03:12, 28 March 2021 (UTC)

Nicole Sharp (talkcontribs)

Found an alternative solution. Since something in either the wiki or server configuration is causing every use of syntaxhighlight to be tracked with the category "pages with syntax highlighting errors," regardless of correct or incorrect use of SyntaxHighlight, I used MediaWiki:syntaxhighlight-error-category to change the name of the tracking category to "pages with syntax highlighting." Since there are no errors, at least the categorization is correct now. However, this doesn't solve the underlying problem in that the extension seems to be broken. In addition to thinking the syntax has errors, the highlighting itself doesn't display. Can't figure out why but seems better/easier to switch over to HighlightJS instead. Nicole Sharp (talk) 03:34, 28 March 2021 (UTC)

Nicole Sharp (talkcontribs)

Installing the Highlightjs_Integration extension (while keeping SyntaxHighlight enabled) removed the (incorrect) SyntaxHighlight tracking category, so the two extensions seem to work well together. Unless a custom element (such as "highlight" instead of "syntaxhighlight") is defined for Highlightjs_Integration, the default behavior is for Highlightjs_Integration to take priority for highlighting over SyntaxHighlight, which avoids conflicts (and any SyntaxHighlight errors for HighlightJS languages not available in Pygments). Nicole Sharp (talk) 04:23, 28 March 2021 (UTC)

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Symac (talkcontribs)


I was using this extension in the past (1.27) but trying to reload a backup to the latest version of mediawiki (1.35.1) I get error. My hosting provider is OVH with a pro offer. I have shell acces over SSH and when navigating to the extension folder, I can run ./pigmentize --help and get the information about it. But when calling it from mediawiki it does not work. I get the following error message :

Invoking Pygments returned blank output with no error response

I have tried the following :

  • moving the pygmentize to ./cgi-bin folder setting $wgPygmentizePath accordingly;
  • download/reupload the extension, setting binary transfer

Any idea on what else I should try?

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Nicole Sharp (talkcontribs)

Is there a way to apply SyntaxHighlight to content from a MediaWiki template page? Example here when using the SyntaxHighlightPages Extension, so that the template page is already formatted using the syntaxhighlight page content model. The syntaxhighlight element will otherwise strip the wikimarkup so that the template content does not display.

<syntaxhighlight lang="html">

Nicole Sharp (talk) 22:00, 14 March 2021 (UTC)

Nicole Sharp (talkcontribs)

Is there a way to place "<syntaxhighlight>" within a syntaxhighlight element? I tried using nowiki but SyntaxHighlight ignores that and displays "nowiki" instead. Nicole Sharp (talk) 22:21, 14 March 2021 (UTC)

IKhitron (talkcontribs)
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