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The best way for getting support for Semantic MediaWiki is is to post to its user mailing list. Comments made below are not very well monitored by the developers. There are various options for making yourself heard:

  • If you have a usage question, please post them to the SMW support mailing lists (archives).
  • If you found a bug or want to propose a new feature, please file it at GitHub. Bugs and requests are regularly considered by core developers and have a great impact on the future development of SMW.
  • If you want to contribute to the development, please contact the development community at the SMW developers' mailing list (archives).
  • You can access the mailing lists in a web-based format at Nabble.

When asking for help or describing bugs, do not forget to provide necessary details about your configuration, version details for all relevant components, information about other extensions that are used, and, if possible, a URL where the problem can be seen. See the help page on reporting bugs for detailed information.

The below talk page is most useful for comments regarding the wiki page, but of course you may do as you like (it's a wiki, after all).

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