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Mistake in notation of whole rest and half rest

Summary by Superjurek

In this page and in article on Wikipedia are evidences that present version of LilyPond shows both rests correctly.

Superjurek (talkcontribs)

I'd like to notice that in this extension we have mistake in notation of rests. As I know the correct notation is subsequently:

r1-\markup { \smaller half rest}
r2-\markup { \smaller whole rest}

...so we have equantion:

+ =

In present MediaWiki version of LiliPond is wrong notation, because is subsequently:

r2-\markup { \smaller half rest}
r1-\markup { \smaller whole rest}

So in point of MediaWiki's view it is at the moment so...:

+ =

Could anybody correct this failure in this extentension? Thanks in advance!

Superjurek (talkcontribs)

If I mixed up both rests and this version of LilyPond shows correctly, then I would like to retract this Thread. I was honestly convinced that I thought right.

Score not playing nicely with VideoJS / TimedMediaHandler

Lwangaman (talkcontribs)

It seems that Score does not work well with the VideoJS player. When the TimedMediaHandler extension is enabled and there is another media element on a page, TMH tries to apply VideoJS to Score elements that have sound="1" but results in a disabled player with sound source File:Undefined. See phabricator:T245377. For the time being I'm forcing the Kaltura player which plays nicely in all circumstances ($wgTmhWebPlayer = "mwembed";).

Skierpage (talkcontribs)
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Error after Upgrade from 1.31.1 to 1.35.4

2003:DF:7F1E:9700:41EC:5F0F:D4C1:D287 (talkcontribs)

/bin/bash: warning: setlocale: LC_ALL: cannot change locale (C.UTF-8) /bin/sh: warning: setlocale: LC_ALL: cannot change locale (C.UTF-8) GNU LilyPond 2.19.56

This error I get after upgrading to 1.35.4.

Where can I found some more information about this?

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After upgrading my wiki to 1.35 lilypond not working

Lwangaman (talkcontribs)

I have just updated my wiki from 1.34 to 1.35. I have everything working except Lilypond. When adding a <nowiki><score></nowiki> element to a page I am seeing this error:

Unable to obtain LilyPond version:

Warning: an existing sandbox was detected. /usr/bin/lilypond --version  will run without any additional sandboxing features in a /bin/sh shell
GNU LilyPond 2.18.2

Here is my configuration:

wfLoadExtension( 'Score' );

$wgScoreTrim = true;

$wgShellRestrictionMethod = 'firejail';

$wgScoreLilyPond = "/usr/bin/lilypond";

$wgScoreAbc2Ly = '/usr/bin/abc2ly';

$wgScoreFluidsynth = '/usr/bin/fluidsynth';

$wgScoreSoundfont = '/usr/share/sounds/sf2/FluidR3_GM.sf2';

$wgScoreTimidity = '/usr/bin/timidity';

$wgScoreLame = '/usr/bin/lame';

MarkAHershberger (talkcontribs)

since it is saying something about sandboxing, what happens if you comment out $wgShellRestrictionMethod?

Lwangaman (talkcontribs)

I tried that but to no avail, same error message. I wonder if it has anything to do with Lilypond being generally disabled?

Lwangaman (talkcontribs)

I was still having trouble after upgrading to MediaWiki 1.36. The only solution was to explicitly set $sgShellRestrictionMethod to false. For some reason, firejail is just causing problems. It was preventing both pygmentize from working such that SyntaxHighlighting was failing, and lilypond from working such that Score tags were failing.

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Problems about title

Summary by 2402:7500:588:318B:0:0:78C4:1BEE

Problem solved (talkcontribs)

I can add a title when using ABC notation, but I can't add it when using LilyPond. How can I add a title when using LilyPond?


ABC notation:

 T:Die Moldau
 B | e2 f g2 a | b2 b b3 | c'3 c'3 | b3 b2 b | a3 a2 a | g2 a g2 g | f3 f2 f | e2 z ||


 \relative c'' { \clef treble \key e \minor \time 6/8 \tempo "Allegro commodo non agitato" \partial 8*1 b8-.\p_"dolce" | e4(\< fis8) g4( a8)\! | b4 b8-. b4.--\< | c4.\sf\! c->\> | b->\!\p~ b4 b8\<( | a4.)\!\dim a4 a8 | g4( a8 g4) g8(\< | fis4.)\!\> fis4(\!\> fis8-.)\! | e4\> r8\! }
Michael Bednarek (talkcontribs)
2402:7500:588:318B:0:0:78C4:1BEE (talkcontribs)

Problem solved. Thanks!

Lwangaman (talkcontribs)

May I ask how it was solved? If I try adding a "\header { Die Moldau }" to your example here it doesn't work?

With a header:

Musical scores are temporarily disabled.

Without a header:

Musical scores are temporarily disabled.

(Actually scores are now all showing as disabled?)

Musical scores are temporarily disabled.
Michael Bednarek (talkcontribs)

The Lilypond extension has been disabled for several months now. Judging by the lack of activity at phab:T257066, I wouldn't expect it to return any time soon. (talkcontribs)

Use raw="1" to add header when using LilyPond.

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Abc2Ly + D-sharp minor = problem

ПростоУчастник (talkcontribs)

Hello! See:

<score lang="ABC">K:D#m
D E F G A B c d | d c B A G F E D|</score>

convert to ("es" instead of "is"):

\key dis \minor   des'8    ees'8    f'8    ges'8    aes'8    bes'8    ces''8    
des''8    \bar "|"   des''8    ces''8    bes'8    aes'8    ges'8    f'8    
ees'8    des'8  \bar "|" 


D E F G A B c d | d c B A G F E D|

Other keys are OK. Please, fix this. Thank you!

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I can add a title when using ABC notation, but I cat add it when using LilyPond, How can I solve this problem when using LilyPond?


ABC notation:

Unable to convert ABC file to LilyPond format:
/usr/bin/abc2ly from LilyPond 2.18.2
Parsing `.../file.abc'...
Line ... .../file.abc: 6: Huh?  Don't understand


 \relative c'' { \clef treble \key e \minor \time 6/8 \tempo "Allegro commodo non agitato" \partial 8*1 b8-.\p_"dolce" | e4(\< fis8) g4( a8)\! | b4 b8-. b4.--\< | c4.\sf\! c->\> | b->\!\p~ b4 b8\<( | a4.)\!\dim a4 a8 | g4( a8 g4) g8(\< | fis4.)\!\> fis4(\!\> fis8-.)\! | e4\> r8\! } (talkcontribs)

ABC notation: (talkcontribs)
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Score upload directories owned by root

1 (talkcontribs)

Mediawiki 1.34

Score 0.3.0 (0f4d4c1)

Not sure if this is an issue with my server configuration or a bug in the extension, hopefully someone can clarify. My server is setup to run under the user www-data, but new directories created under images/lilypond/... when generating new scores have the owner set to root instead of www-data as I would expect. This causes the pages that render scores in the wiki to throw a error saying that its impossible to copy the files to their destination ("mwstore://score-backend/score-render/..."). I can run chown on my images directory to set owner back to www-data and the error disappears, but I want to ensure that the directories are created with the correct owner in the first place. This problem doesn't occur with normal file uploads, only directories created by Score. Any ideas/suggestions for fixing this?

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Why Category:Pages using deprecated score attributes?

Michael Bednarek (talkcontribs)
Skierpage (talkcontribs)

This was mentioned in Project:Tech News/2019#Tech News: 2019-25

The TimedMediaHandler extension now handles MIDI files, so that putting a wikilink like [[File:somefile.mid]] creates a player. Eventually (phab:T135597) Extension:Score will lose its redundant code, hence the deprecation. I added an explanation of why these attributes are deprecated to this page and how to fix. I haven't added this yet to en:Help:Score.

The behavior won't be exactly the same (e.g. the better MIDI file won't be shown when you click on the score). I wonder why pages override the generated MIDI and audio; their generation has improved.

Michael Bednarek (talkcontribs)

The generation of MIDI files may have improved, but I think the override is mostly done with .ogg files. These could be sound files from actual performances, or from MIDI files that editors have created in their own environment with Soundfonts or similar which most likely generates better sound than this extension. Then there are cases where LilyPond doesn't produce certain ornaments at all.

Michael Bednarek (talkcontribs)
Skierpage (talkcontribs)

Sorry, I should have said "after the closing </source> tag." I also responded on that en-wiki talk page.

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Extension:score installed no sound

AlgorithmGG (talkcontribs)

I am getting no sound the extension creates the files but doesn't convert to audio. I am not getting any errors or sound.

AlgorithmGG (talkcontribs)

slight correction its ready to play, it would seem fluid synth isn't doing its job and when i comment it out it breaks with no fall back. since i configured lame the files are mp3 now rather than ogg but that shouldn't be a problem.

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