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Required for MW 1.31 and later?

Summary by Kghbln
Kghbln (talkcontribs)

No, it is not. The "TimedMediaHandler" extension works perfect without this one on MW 1.31. Perhaps you still need to have it on MW 1.31 to gracefully upgrade from earlier versions however for a fresh install it is not needed.

This extension has been archived?

Summary by InkluPedia

MwEmbedSupport extension is still required for latest stable version MediaWiki 1.31.0. Description of Extension:MwEmbedSupport was improved a bit and download is still possible. Still wondering that page Extension:MwEmbedSupport is mainly for latest development version instead of latest stable version.

InkluPedia (talkcontribs)

According to Extension:TimedMediaHandler this extension is still required for latest available stable and LTS version MediaWiki 1.31.0

I tried it without this extension and "php update.php" is complaining "TimedMediaHandler requires the MwEmbedSupport extension."

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