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2A02:8070:629A:ED00:C111:B20E:44BE:909B (talkcontribs)

Thank you for your work! It's great.

Can i insert thin lines above the main headings? like on this page:


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Icons to expand and collapse do not show in MW 1.35

Ken Roy (talkcontribs)

The right-arrow and down-arrow icons do not show in MediaWiki 1.35 with the Vector skin that is packaged with MW 1.35

I fixed it by using the Vector skin from MW 1.34 - see Topic:Vylqwkx9geua4l7v

Maybe something changed in the Vector skin for MW 1.35 that requires a change in this extension.

T0lk (talkcontribs)

I put this in MediaWiki:Vector.css to get it working in 1.35:

.portal h3, .vector-menu-portal h3 {
	background-size: auto !important;

the problem seems to come from: h3{ background-size: 100% @border-width-base; in skins/Vector/resources/skins.vector.styles/MenuPortal.less

Ken Roy (talkcontribs)

Thanks T01k,

Unfortunately, your above suggested workaround does not fix the problem on my site.


.emptyPortlet { display: block; }

as recommended in Topic:Vwvqspp30cgb7olc

Almost fixes it but then the Portlet for the LanguageSelector still does not show. Since I want both the CategoryTree portlet and the LanguageSelector portlet in my sidebar, I reverted back to using the Vector skin from MW 1.34

Additionally your css shows errors in the MW 1.35 editor

2003:C2:3F22:8200:D16E:B992:4D44:9320 (talkcontribs)


the above shown workarounds do solve the problem for our wiki ... partially. The triangle icons are shown on all article pages in all namespaces, also on all special pages. But, they are gone in the user preferences. Would be nice if someone could check why. Not urgent, of course, but I hope someday ...

Kind regards, K.

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Disable the CollapsibleVector feature for anonymous users

Spas.Z.Spasov (talkcontribs)

I was in need to disable the CollapsibleVector feature for anonymous users. I've played with the two configuration options mentioned in the extension's page with no success in order to accomplish this task. Finally I decided to add a third option that can be controlled via LocalSettings.php:

$wgCollapsibleVectorFeatures['collapsiblenav']['anonymous'] = false;

Here is the patch, and the relevant instructions: https://gist.github.com/pa4080/0e7770dfb497f6ed543c8be8110c0b66

I think it is useful option and probably it could be added in the next release of the extension.

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Calvinkulit (talkcontribs)

I feel like this should be integrated into that skin.

Paladox (talkcontribs)

It was once part of Vector, but then was removed (hence why this extension was created :)).

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Spas.Z.Spasov (talkcontribs)

Recently I switched my MediaWiki from branch REL1_30 to REL1_31. Today I noticed I can't expand the collapsed items in the sidebar menu. To solve this I switched Extension:CollapsibleVector back to REL1_30, while MW and the other extensions are on REL1_31. Currently this working for me, but it is ugly solution.

Does this behaviour is a bug or some additional settings could be applied?

2A00:8A60:1:F0:DD8D:2165:F1B:F391 (talkcontribs)

Same Problem here and the suggested fix worked as well

Paladox (talkcontribs)
Naramoksu (talkcontribs)

The sidebar collapsed and gOod to see on mobile. When I edit a page, as soon as I touch edit box sidebar expanded.

What to do to make sidebar keep collapsed during edit?

Thanks in advance.

Naramoksu (talkcontribs)

FYI. It is fixed after I changed some configuration at my cellphone. Maybe configuration of phone have something to do with this extension.

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Hello! I installed this on the latest build (1.29) but it seems the grey dividers have disappeared. They now look super fugly. Any way to fix this? Refer: https://imgur.com/a/EeioH

Paladox (talkcontribs)
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Schreibhan (talkcontribs)


I have installed CollapsibleVector on my Wiki (1.24). I noticed that the pages flicker when I open them in the browser for the first time: first you see a fixed Sidebar (not collapsible, no triangles), after a split second the extension kicks in and the Sidebar becomes collapsible.

Is there any way to suppress the flickering and render the Sidebbar as collapsible from the very start? It is really not very pretty and I get user complaints.

2A00:8A60:1:F0:E996:DA4F:EE7:6D9 (talkcontribs)

Problem unfortunately still persists. Using Mediawiki 1.29 and CollapsibleVector-REL1_29-eccce79 downloaded from the project page (Extension:CollapsibleVector)

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Kghbln (talkcontribs)

I believe that the currently planned name is too ambiguous, since it can easily be mistaken for the Vector skin as well as the obsoleted Vector extension (yeah, this one had a very bad name, too). What about calling this one CollapsibleVectorNavigagion or CollapsibleVector or ...

Cheers (talkcontribs)

Ok I will change the name to CollapsibleVector. which would be used for things that were removed from the skin.

Kghbln (talkcontribs)

Cool. Besides, thank you for recreating the possibility to collapse the navigation for Vector. This was afaik removed due to performance considerations for heavy traffic wikis but I guess there are still wikis around which could make good use of this feature.

Paladox (talkcontribs)

@Kghbln : what about naming the extension VectorFeatures. Or SkinFeatures. This new name would suggest that it does more then collapsiblenav. And SkinFeatures name would suggest it works with all skins but not tested on all skins only tested with vector. (talkcontribs)
Kghbln (talkcontribs)

Well, if the extension is intended to work with more than one skin the name SkinFeatures would be preferable to VectorFeatures. Indeed if the extension will in future do more than just adding collapsiblenav a rename will be ok. However I suggest to keep the old entry point for a couple of REL. So far nearly 400 wikis use this extension and this would allow making the transition smoothly. However I do not know how this fits into composer or this new extension registration mechanism.

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Rob Kam (talkcontribs)

On MW 1.24 Vector skin, with the user preference ticked or unticked, the sidebar still has items collapsible. The $wgVectorFeatures set to true or false only makes the option come and go from preferences, not enable or disable the collapsible items in the sidebar.

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