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Name Description MediaWiki Version Updated Page Edited Talk Page Edited Created Author
Awesomeness Makes your wiki more awesome 1.17 1 Oct 2013 8 May 2013 7 May 2010 Jeroen De Dauw, Svip, Leon d

SkelJS Example JavaScript-centric MediaWiki Extension 1 Oct 2013 27 Jun 2012 Ori Livneh

BoilerPlate Boiler plate ready to be substituted to create a new extension with the latest standards and structure in place. 1 Oct 2013 7 Sep 2012 2 Jul 2012

Add Metas This extension enables you to add meta tags on all the pages like meta keywords. 1.10 1 Oct 2013 18 Jan 2013 27 May 2007 Luis Diaz

Examples 1 Oct 2013 7 Sep 2012 2 Jul 2012 Krinkle, Kaldari

MediaWiki Bulletin Board Modifications Modifications for MediaWiki Bulletin Board 1 Oct 2013 2 Apr 2013 19 Feb 2008 The TattleTale Strangler