Manual on MediaWiki Tools
Release status: beta
Description xowa is a desktop app for reading wikimedia wikis offline
Author(s) (gnosygnutalk)
Latest version (2017-04-27)
License GPLv3 / Apache2
Check usage and version matrix;

xowa is a desktop application that can read Wikimedia Foundation wikis offline.


XOWA is a desktop Java application and has its own installation requirements.

To install the binaries, see the README.md file at https://github.com/gnosygnu/xowa

To install from source, do the following:

  • Download the latest source from the Git repository at https://github.com/gnosygnu/xowa/archive/master.zip
  • Unpack the archive on your hard drive.
    • When you're done, you should have a directory called xowa/ (containing sub directories such as "400_xowa", and many others.)
    • You may want to move this directory to your home directory, or some other appropiate location.
  • Load the project in Eclipse
    • Do "File -> Switch Workspace" to /where/you/moved/xowa/
    • Select all projects and do "File -> Refresh"
    • (workaround for v0.8.3) Eclipse will report build path problems.
      • Create an empty folder for xowa/110_gfml/xtn
      • Select all projects and do "File -> Refresh" again
    • The project should now compile
  • Setup the application
    • Xowa uses files that are present in the binaries only (xowa.gfs; image files). These will be added to GitHub in the future.
    • For now, setup the application
      • Download the right release for you (e.g. "xowa_app_linux_v4" on Linux) from https://github.com/gnosygnu/xowa/releases
      • Unzip to '/where/you/have/xowa/'. When you are done you should have a file called xowa_linux.jar in there, as well as many others.
  • Run the source in Eclipse
    • Go to Run -> Debug Configurations -> Xowa_main -> Program Arguments
    • Add an argument for "--root_dir /home/your_user_name/xowa/"
    • Click on Debug

Xowa should now work.

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