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Extensión matemática MediaWiki
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Estado de lanzamiento sin mantenimiento
Implementación Identidad de usuario
Descripción Provides login with a XenForo account in a configurable XenForo forum.
Autor(es) Florian Schmidt (Florianschmidtwelzowdiscusión)
Última versión 0.1.0
MediaWiki 1.27+
PHP 5.5+
Cambios de la base de datos
Composer mediawiki/xenforoauth
Licencia MIT Licencia
  • $wgXenForoAuthButtonIcon
  • $wgXenForoAuthAutoCreate
  • $wgXenForoAuthBaseUrl
  • $wgXenForoAuthClientId
  • $wgXenForoAuthClientSecret
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The XenForoAuth extension allows wiki users to login with an account of a XenForo based online-forum. The extension uses the XenForo bd Api plugin (which needs to be installed on the XenForo forum in order to work with this extension) to request basic profile information.

To use this extension you need at least:

  • MediaWiki 1.27+
  • MySQL (no PostgreSQL or SQLite support for now!)
  • PHP 5.5+
  • An API client in the forum with which your users can authenticate
  • Able to run composer update



The extension provides two configuration variables to set the Client ID and Client Secret (you get this pair in the API Client settings of the XenForo forum, remove "<" and ">"). You also need to configure the base url where the api can be reached.

$wgXenForoAuthClientSecret = '<your-client-secret>';
$wgXenForoAuthClientId = '<your-client-id>';
$wgXenForoAuthBaseUrl = 'https://example.com/api/';

Additional Configuration parameter

Configuration variable Default value Description
$wgXenForoAuthButtonIcon 'images/xenForo_icon.png' The icon, which will be added to the "Log in with XenForo" button. Normally you would set the path to the icon of the forum here. The value has to be surrounded with '.
$wgXenForoAuthAutoCreate false Whether users from XenForo should be autocreated in this wiki. If you set this to true and a user logs in with XenForo and doesn't have a local connected account, it will be created automatically. If the username is already registered, the user will get an error message, that he couldn't be logged in.

Settings for the API Client

Please make sure, that you created an API Client in XenForo. Please also set your full URL to Special:UserLogin into the Redirect Uri input field (e.g. https://www.example.com/wiki/Special:UserLogin). Please also add your domain to the White-listed Domains input field (e.g. *.example.com).