Extension:Wikilog/Special pages

Wikilog provides the following special page:


The Special:Wikilog special page is a central query page for wikilog listings. By default, it displays a list of all posts in all wikilogs, like an aggregator for all hosted wikilogs. It also allows queries based on categories, authors, tags, status, etc.


By calling this special page without any parameters, a listing of all posts in all wikilogs is returned. Example:


The special page also displays a query form where the user may filter the listing.


There are two ways to pass arguments to Special:Wikilog, in order to filter the listing according to properties of each post: standard query parameters and inline parameters.

Query parameters are passed when invoked through index.php. Example:


Inline parameters are passed as a subpage argument to the special page title. Multiple parameters are semicolon-separated. Example:


The inline syntax is specially useful when including the special page from other normal pages.

Query parameter Inline syntax Description
wikilog=wikilog-title wikilog-title Display only posts published in the given wikilog. The wikilog title is the main wikilog article page title.
category=category-name Category:category-name Display only posts in the given category. The inline syntax uses the localized category namespace prefix.
author=author-name User:author-name Display only posts of the given author. The inline syntax uses the localized user namespace prefix.
tag=tag tag=tag Display only posts tagged with the given tag. Must be enabled in the configuration.
date=year[/month[/day]] Display only posts in the given year, month or day.
show=status status Display only posts with the given status (all, published, drafts).
view=view-mode view-mode Select the view mode:
  • summary (default) - displays the title and summary of all posts, in reverse chronological order
  • archives - displays a tabular list of posts
Template:template-name In summary view, format posts using the given template.
limit=number-of-posts number-of-posts Limit the number of posts displayed.
feed=format Return a syndication feed of wikilog posts (valid formats: atom and rss).