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Wikibase Repository
发布状态: 稳定版
实现 API , Ajax, User interface, ContentHandler
描述 结构化数据库
作者 The Wikidata team
(contributors list)
最新版本 continuous updates
兼容性方针 发行分支
MediaWiki master
许可协议 GNU General Public License 2.0 or later
release notes
翻译Wikibase Repository扩展
问题 开放的工作 · 报告错误

Wikibase Repository is part of Wikibase. Wikibase Repository allows you to use your wiki as a structured data repository. Its development is part of the Wikidata project. The data can in turn be used in a wiki using the Wikibase Client extension.


参见基本安装指导。 For experienced configuration options see Advanced Configuration.

A complete documentation exist in the docs folder for Wikibase, see GitHub: wikimedia/mediawiki-extensions-Wikibase/docs.


If installed, Wikibase makes use of:

If installed and JavaScript is supported by the user client / browser, labels, aliases and descriptions will be shown to the user in frequently used languages in addition to the user interface language. (These languages are acquired from mw.uls.getFrequentLanguageList().)
If installed, logged-in users are able to define additional languages that labels, aliases and descriptions are shown in by specifying languages on their user pages using the Babel syntax.


PHP與JavaScript中可用的钩子的文件可以在這裡找到: /docs/ /docs/