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Extension:Wiki Administration Tool

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Wiki Administration Tool
Release status: unmaintained
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Description The Wiki Administration Tool enables the convenient management of MW extensions and content bundles and eases installing, updating and removing of those.
Author(s) DIQA Projektmanagement GmbH
Latest version 1.7.0 (2012-05-04)
MediaWiki 1.17 only
Database changes No
License GPL
Download Contained in SMW+ or download from sourceforge
Translate the Wiki Administration Tool extension if it is available at
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The Wiki Administration Tool enables the convenient management of MediaWiki extensions and content bundles. It provides means for installing, upgrading and removing those via a configurable repository.

Features and benefitsEdit

It is beneficial for Wiki administrators since it can:

  • download and install MW extensions and content bundles
  • adjust configuration files (e.g. LocalSettings.php)
  • check version compatibility and resolve dependencies between MW extensions
  • update MW extensions and content bundles
  • de-install MW extensions and content bundles
  • roll back last wiki installation

MW extension developers can use the Wiki Administration Tool to easily distribute their extensions. Furthermore Repository providers (e.g. organizations) can use it to provide their own, customized repository. Also Content providers can benefit from the Wiki Administration Tool, since it allows to distribute collections of wiki pages (e.g. a bundle of coherent, well-designed templates).

It comes with a pre-configured repository (hosted by vulcan) that contains Semantic MediaWiki, the Halo extensions and other useful extensions. The current content of this repository can be inspected here.


The central documentation for the Wiki Administration Tool can be found here. Documentation on how to use it for distributing a MW extension is available here. The latter explains also the deployment descriptors which contain the necessary meta-data for an extension.