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MediaWiki extensions manual
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Release status: stable
Implementation Skin
Description Adds custom wiki fonts to Mediawiki
Author(s) Lee Miller (SwiftSystalk)
Latest version 0.0.1 Stable (2014-11-26)
MediaWiki 1.23.5+
PHP 5.4+
Database changes No
License GPL
Download Download
Example Demo
Translate the WikiGlyphIcons extension if it is available at
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The WikiGlyphIcons extension adds custom fonts to MediaWiki.


Adds the ability to use scalable vector icons to Mediawiki, easily customized — size and color etc and anything that can be done with the power of CSS. We would like this extension to be as flexible as possible, thus we plan to add icons depending on Mediawiki user needs, if you want us to add more icons let us know.


Tested using the Vector Skin, though one would expect the extension to work in any skin as it is a pure css extension, though we have found that our font based extensions do not work with Foreground.

Tested with Mediawiki version 1.23.5 (26th Nov 2014).

The extension works with all major browsers apart from I.E 6 and 7.


Download and unpack into your extensions folder and add the following to the bottom of LocalSettings.php

require_once "$IP/extensions/BootStrapSkinIcons/icons.php";


Uses the following syntax;

<div class="icon-home"></div>

Version HistoryEdit

  • 0.0.1 Stable (26th Nov 2014)

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