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MediaWiki extensions manual
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Release status: stable
WikEd screenshot.png
Implementation Page action
Description Full-featured text editor, integrated into MediaWiki edit pages
Author(s) Cacycle
Latest version See current version
MediaWiki 1.8+
License Public domain
Download Code (do not copy for installation)
Home (overview, installation, and recent changes)
Example Gadget on English Wikipedia. See the wikEd home and wikEd help page
Check usage and version matrix.

wikEd is a full-featured MediaWiki-integrated text editor that adds enhanced text processing functions to edit pages. Currently it works only for Firefox and other Mozilla browsers, Safari, and Google Chrome. wikEd is a complete rich-text pseudo-WYSIWYG editor and comes with many MediaWiki-specific features.

Features include
  1. Wikicode syntax highlighting
  2. Pasting, import, and conversion of formatted text, e.g. from Microsoft-Word and web pages
  3. Regular expression search and replace
  4. Edit preview and show changes on the same page without reloading
  5. Fullscreen editing mode
  6. Single-click fixing of common mistakes
  7. History for summary, search, and replace fields
  8. Jump to selected heading
Type-ahead find
  1. Support for many languages
  2. Improved diff display
  3. Follow links and wiki-links (ctrl-click)
  4. Runs automatically on every MediaWiki installation when installed as a local Greasemonkey user script

For a more detailed feature list see wikEd features.


There are four ways to install wikEd:

For details see wikEd and wikEd installation.


wikEd is completely customizable, see wikEd customization.

Changes to LocalSettings.phpEdit

JavaScript for users has to be allowed by adding "$wgAllowUserJs = true;" to LocalSettings.php


See the code (but please do not copy it, see wikEd installation).

See alsoEdit