MediaWiki extensions manual
Release status: beta
Implementation Tag , Parser function
Description Allows for voting
Author(s) Nx, Trent Toulouse, Tim Starling
Latest version 5.0.0
Compatibility policy Master maintains backward compatibility.
MediaWiki 1.31+
Database changes Yes
License No license specified
  • $wgWigo3ReplaceNextpoll
  • $wgWigo3ConfigStoreIPs
Quarterly downloads 0
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Wigo3 is an extension for casual voting. It is used on RationalWiki for the "what is going on" pages.

Usage edit

vote edit

The <vote> tag is used to add an up/down voting widget to the start of a line of text.

  poll = <poll id>
  img = on | expanded
  closed = yes | no
> ... description ... </vote>

The description may contain wikitext.

The attributes are:

A string uniquely identifying the poll
If present and set to "on" or "expanded", a capture image link will be added to Conservapedia external links. This is for backwards compatibility only, in new text, votecp should be used.
If present and set to "yes", voting will be closed.
If $wgWigo3ReplaceNextpoll is true, an attribute of like "nextpoll=foo" will be replaced when the page is saved with a similar poll attribute with an ID which is not used elsewhere on the same page, for example "poll=foo1234".

votecp edit

The <votecp> tag is used to add an up/down voting widget with "capture" links. The parameters are the same as in <vote>. Links to Conservapedia will be annotated with a link that can be used to upload a screenshot capture.

captureencode edit

The #captureencode parser function returns the filename of the screenshot link (without the namespace prefix) which would be used in <votecp> for a given external URL. For example:


This produces "capture_89dce6a446a69d6b9bdc01ac75251e4c322bcdff.png".

multi edit

The <multi> tag creates a poll with multiple options. The options are specified in the tag contents, with one option per line.

<multi poll=pollid>
Option 1
Option 2
Option 3

The "poll" attribute must be set to a unique ID.

slider, checkbox edit

The <slider>, <sliders>, <checkbox> and <checkboxes> tags are defined for backwards compatibility with archived text. They display the result of range or approval voting. The actual voting widgets have been removed from the extension, so it is no longer possible to vote with these tags.