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Descripción Throttle on user account registrations
Autor(es) Brion Vibber (Brion VIBBERtalk)
Licencia GPL
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What this extension does

Monitors global frequency of user account registrations and throttles apparent flood attacks, regardless of origin. Not always suitable for use on large public sites, but it's been used during occasional particular vandal attacks on Wikimedia in the past.


To install this extension, add the following to LocalSettings.php :



You can adjust the throttle settings in $wgGlobalAccountCreationThrottle:

$wgGlobalAccountCreationThrottle = array(
    'min_interval' => 5, // Hard minimum time between creations
    'soft_time' => 300, // Timeout for rolling count
    'soft_limit' => 10, // 10 registrations in five minutes

If you legitimately have signup floods, you may wish to adjust these.