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MediaWiki extensions manual
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Release status: unstable
Implementation User activity
Description Automatically adds a link back to your site when your content is copied.
Author(s) André Mafei Bezerra (Andremafeitalk)
Latest version 0.1
MediaWiki 1.15.1
License No license specified
Download No link
Translate the TyntBackLinks extension if it is available at
Check usage and version matrix.

Tynt Insight monitors when users copy content from your web site and automatically adds a link back to the original page when your content is pasted.

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How to InstallEdit

1) Create an account on and get your script.

2) Create the file '/extensions/TyntBackLinks/TyntBackLinks.php' with the source bellow.

3) Add to LocalSettings.php:

require_once( "$IP/extensions/TyntBackLinks/TyntBackLinks.php" );
$wgTyntBackLinksScript = '##########';

4) Replace the ########## with your script created on

require_once( "$IP/extensions/TyntBackLinks/TyntBackLinks.php" );
$wgTyntBackLinksScript = '<script type="text/javascript">tyntVariables = {"ap":"Leia mais: "};</script>
<script type="text/javascript" src="


PHP code for: /extensions/TyntBackLinks/TyntBackLinks.php

if ( !defined( 'MEDIAWIKI' ) ) {
	die( 'This file is a MediaWiki extension, it is not a valid entry point' );

$wgExtensionCredits['other'][] = array(
	'path'           => __FILE__,
	'name'           => 'Tynt BackLinks',
	'version'        => '0.1',
	'author'         => 'Andre Mafei Bezerra - created for',
	'description'    => 'Inserts backlinks on the copied text using script by',
	'url'            => '',

$wgHooks['SkinAfterBottomScripts'][]  = 'efTyntBackLinksHookText';

function efTyntBackLinksHookText(&$skin, &$text='') {
	global $wgTyntBackLinksScript;
	$text .= '<!-- Tynt BackLinks - start - -->' . $wgTyntBackLinksScript . '<!-- Tynt BackLinks - end -->' ;
	return true;