Extension:Translate/Mass migration tools/Requirements

This page lists the end user requirements for the project.

User of the tool: Translation administrator

Requirements for Step 1Edit

The step 1 of the project is about preparing the page for translation. The requirements for this step include -

  • Should be agnostic to namespace and source language
  • The {{Languages}} template, if at all present in the page should be removed
  • The ‎<languages /> tag should be added at the top of the page
  • {{#translation:}} should be added for all categories.
  • ‎<translate>...‎</translate> tags should be added wherever appropriate
  • For images, only the caption should be wrapped inside the translate tags
  • All the links should have "Special:MyLanguage/" prefix
  • All the links should be present in "two-party" form, separated by a pipe (|)
  • Internal links to sections of the same page should link to the language-independent anchor
  • Translatable templates should be wrapped in {{TNT}}
  • A confirmation screen should be offered to the user for approving the changes made by the tool
  • Optionals
    • Doesn't need to be able to deal with: .js, .css, ...
    • Splitting lists is not a must have feature.
    • Links should be wrapped inside tvar markup

Requirements for Step 2Edit

The step 2 of the project is about importing old translations into the Translate extension. The requirements for this step include -

  • For each language in which the translations are present, import the translations and show them in the confirmation screen
  • The source text and the translated text should be shown besides each other
  • Pages of the type Translations:Page/<translation unit identifier>/<language code> should be created upon confirmation by the user
  • The text blocks on the right hand side should be allowed to split and dragged around when the user disapproves a translation
  • A language navigation bar should be present at the top of the page to allow switching between languages