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This is a publicly visible page, offering visitors a list of all topic-tags on your wiki. Clicking any of them will take visitor to a list of all tagged pages.

Create PageEdit

Browse to the link below on your wiki, to create a new page on your wiki:



Copy and paste the wikitext below into the source-editor of the new page, and save the page:

All tags used on this wiki.
        |uses = Template:Tag
        |include = {Tag}:1
        |secseparators = ·
        |multisecseparators = ·
* {{TagLink|@@@@}} }}


  • dpl returns all pages that tranclude Template:Tag
  • include lists the tag-names
  • the blank format removes the default page-names, leaving only the tag-names
  • separator parameters insert bullet-chars as delimiters between all tag-names
  • since each tag-name will be listed each time it appears in the wiki, we'll have dupes. arraydefine removes the dupes. It looks for bullet-delimiters created by separator statements. Details: Topic:Uei05iocty41m2ag
  • arrayprint formats each tagname as a link to the page-list and description for that tag