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This is a publicly visible page, offering visitors detailed view about a specific tag, including tag-description, and a list of all pages containing this tag. Clicking any of them will take visitor to the tagged page.

To install this page:Edit

1. Browse to the link below on your wiki, to create a new page on your wiki:


2. Copy and paste the wikitext below into the source-editor of the new page, and save the page:


__NOCACHE__{{DISPLAYTITLE:Pages tagged: {{#urlget:Tag}} }}<div class="group" style="height:100px"><div id = "txtBox"></div><br><div id = "btnSave"></div></div><br>{{TagDPL|{{#urlget:Tag}}}}


<!-- disable caching, so (hopefully) stays up-to-date when pages are tagged/untagged -->

<!-- change title of this page to tag-name -->
{{DISPLAYTITLE:Tag: {{#urlget:Tag}}}}

<!-- Placeholder divs for description-editor, to be loaded into divs by Common.js.
The outer "group" div occupies screen space while waiting for controls to load, for clean render. -->

<!-- display list of all pages with this tag -->