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MediaWiki extensions manual
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Release status: beta
Implementation Page action
Description Returns an article as a RSS feed
Author(s) Sylvain Lerouxtalk
Latest version 1.2d (2012-06-07)
MediaWiki 1.12.0 - 1.15-4
PHP 5.1 (with support for XSLT)
License GPL
  • Translate the ToFeed extension if it is available at
    Check usage and version matrix.


    What can this extension do?Edit

    This extension adds a new action that returns a page as an RSS feed.

    The first list found in the article will be used to build the feed. Usually, this is the table of contents. By disabling toc generation (__NOTOC__) or by providing a list before the generated toc, one may be able to export any other list in the feed. Useful for pages that contains a list of links.

    In addition, starting from 1.2b, ToFeed when invoked on a category page will return the list of articles in that category if the category page does not contain any other list of links.

    The main advantage of ToFeed is that it does not require any change in the content of the article (i.e.: no special tag to add). Moreover, ToFeed is able to extract the description of the page as the text before the first list – without requiring any special tag. This is why I call it non intrusive feed generator.

    The major drawback, is that it is build on top of XSLT. So it requires XSLT support at PHP level. But, this shouldn't be a problem with PHP5 or later. This might also increase the load on your server. Depending on your hit rate, this may or may be not a problem.


    After this extension has been installed, you may retrieve an article as a RSS feed by appending ?action=tofeed at the end of the URL. The following URLs will allow you to compare the result of using ToFeed on two articles:

    Download instructionsEdit

    1. Download the latest version from
    2. Expand in your $IP/extensions folder. Note: $IP stands for the root directory of your MediaWiki installation, the same directory that holds LocalSettings.php.


    To install this extension, add the following to LocalSettings.php:


    See alsoEdit

    There are several other feed generator extensions available for MediaWiki. Please see the category below for a partial list of them.