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Tab Override
Release status: estable
Implementación User interface, Skin
Descripción Allows you to use the tab key as you normally would in a text-editor
Autor(es) Bill Bryant, Mathew Tinsley (mtinsleytalk)
Última versión 2.0.1 (2010-04-12)
MediaWiki 1.7.0
Licencia GPL
Descarga Descarga
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What can this extension do?

Tab Override allows you to use the tab key as you normally would in a text editor or IDE. In other words, pressing the tab key inserts a tab character rather than removing focus from the text area. This makes writing source code much easier.


No configuration required. After it is installed you can test it by editing a page and pressing the tab key in the textarea.


To install this extension, add the following to LocalSettings.php :