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Release status: unstable
Description Experimental tool to provide classic 'SisterSites'-style linking
Author(s) Brion Vibber (Brion VIBBERtalk)
License GPL
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What this extension doesEdit

Hasn't been touched much in years, so may or may not work at present.

Threw this together as a quick experiment:

  • if a page's name matches with a page on a sister site, we display nice links at the top of the page
    • case and spacing are normalized to provide more matches with sites with different naming rules
  • generates a normalized list of page titles & URLs for other sites to read (not implemented?)
  • slurps page title lists from defined sister sites (not implemented?)

It looks like the actual code to build the lists ain't there though.


To install this extension, add the following to LocalSettings.php:


This extension predates the current updaters system, so its extra tables must be manually added by sourcing SisterSites.sql.

Sister sites & lists of pages would need to be actually added.