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MediaWiki extensions manual
SimpleTooltip (Universal-Omega)
Release status: stable
Implementation Parser function
Description Provides basic tooltips, supporting inline text and info icons
Author(s) Simon Heimler (FannonDiskussion)
Latest version 1.2.0 (2023-01-12)
MediaWiki 1.38+
PHP 5.2+
Database changes No
License MIT License

The SimpleTooltip extension adds support for basic tooltips. It uses the Tooltipster Library to do so.

It has no dependencies on other extensions. The extension has explicit support for Page Forms, where tooltips within multiple instance forms will get created dynamically. This will not work with the "info" parser function provided by Semantic MediaWiki.

This forked version of SimpleTooltip is currently maintained by Universal-Omega.


  • Die Download und die Datei(en) in ein Verzeichnis namens SimpleTooltip (Universal-Omega) im Ordner extensions/ ablegen.
  • Folgenden Code am Ende Ihrer LocalSettings.php -Datei hinzufügen:
    require_once "$IP/extensions/SimpleTooltip (Universal-Omega)/SimpleTooltip (Universal-Omega).php";
  •   Done – Zu Special:Version in dem Wiki (bei Einstellung auf deutsch nach Spezial:Version) navigieren, um die erfolgreiche Installierung der Erweiterung zu überprüfen.

Instead of downloading the zip archive you may also check this extension out via Git:

git clone https://github.com/Universal-Omega/SimpleTooltip.git


Currently there are no options supported. This may change due to demand or not.


There is a short alias and a more descriptive parser function name for each tooltip type.

Inline-text tooltip

{{#tip-text: text | tooltip-text}}
{{#simple-tooltip: text | tooltip-text}}

Info-icon tooltip:

{{#tip-info: tooltip-text }}
{{#simple-tooltip-info: tooltip-text }}

Inline-Image tooltip:

{{#tip-img: /path/to/your/image.png | image tooltip-text }}
{{#simple-tooltip-img: /path/to/your/image.png | image tooltip-text }}
The "tip-img" and the "simple-tooltip-img" parser function respectively do not resize the image set to be shown, i.e. the image must be uploaded in an appropriate size like e.g. 16px x 16px.

Example result (Screenshot)