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Release status: stable
Implementation Notify
Description Sends a messange when the "Send to Pinger" checkbox is enabled on the edit page.
Author(s) Teamspeak, wiki site (Teamspeaktalk)
Latest version 1.0 (2010-11-05)
MediaWiki 1.16+
PHP 5 with cURL
License GPL
Download SendToPingerPl v1.0
$wgSendToPingerUsername, $wgSendToPingerPassword, $wgSendToPingerWikiURL, $wgSendToPingerUseCheckBox, $wgSendToPingerChecked, $wgSendToPingerapi
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What can this extension do?Edit

Extension is used to automatically send an update to the www.pinger.pl In the message contains information which the website was updated, is put a link to a brief summary page and edit it. Addition is configurable and you can configure more parameters such as tags, placed an additional message after the automated message and the title of the entry.

This extension is based upon Extension:SendToTwitter2.


To activate send a notification to the profile editing page pinger.pl must select the checkbox "Send to pinger" and save the page. You can use the auto-selecting checkbox through the file LocalSettings.php



To install this extension, add the following to LocalSettings.php :

$wgSendToPingerUsername      = 'user'; /*username*/
$wgSendToPingerPassword      = 'pass'; /*password*/
$wgSendToPingerWikiURL       = 'http://www.teamspeak.az.pl/wiki/';/*Wiki url wiht / at the end*/
$wgSendToPingerUseCheckBox   = true;
$wgSendToPingerChecked       = true;
$wgSendToPingerapi				 = '';/* Api key here */
$wgSendToPingerExtraMessage  = 'U can join at www.site.com'; /* Adidtional message*/
$wgSendToPingerTags = 'TAG,TAG2,WAG WITH SPACES,'; /* Separate coma tags*/
require_once("$IP/extensions/SendToPingerPl/SendToPingerPl.php"); /*must be after settings */

Configuration parametersEdit


Your Pinger Username


Your Pinger Password


The base url for your site


If true, will display checkbox, if false, all edits will cause a ping. (if not set, default is true)


Sets the default state of the checkbox. (if not set, default is false)

 $wgSendToPingerapi You pinger profile API KEY, can be generated in you profile page

<pre> $wgSendToPingerExtraMessage 

Extra message afrer auto message, default is empty


Coma separated tags, default is empty

You may also modify the messages emitted from SentToPingerPl by editing Special:AllMessages on you wiki. The following messages are available:


Action checkbox name


Tolltip when user mouse is over the checkbox


Accesskey Message


($1 - Page name, $2 - Page Link - $3 - Summary Text)


($1 - Page name, $2 - Page Link - $3 - Summary Text)


($1 - Page name, $2 - Page Link - $3 - Summary Text)

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