Extension:Page Forms/Hosting

Currently the following wiki hosting sites offer support for Page Forms:

  • ProWiki - Modern Managed hosting by MediaWiki experts · One-click install · Updates included · Admin Panel · Dozens of extensions · Start your free trial now!
  • CiviHosting - Hosting firm with servers in the US and Europe offering installation, consulting, training and hosting for wikis small and large, including Semantic MediaWiki, Page Forms, Visual Editor and more
  • Referata - Wikis on Referata can use Semantic MediaWiki, Cargo, Page Forms and a variety of related extensions; basic usage is free.
  • WikiHoster.net (de, en) - offers consulting, training, setup/configuration, administration, customizing and hosting of private and public wikis with or without Semantic MediaWiki and Page Forms, etc.
  • Biowikifarm - offers free hosting for open content projects and publications relating to biological topics. It includes Semantic MediaWiki, Page Forms and various other standard SMW-based extensions, in addition to custom extensions like Identification Tools.
  • Wiki-Valley.com (fr) - offers consulting, training and hosting for private or public wikis with Semantic MediaWiki, Page Forms, Visual Editor...
  • Miraheze - a non-profit, free and open source wiki farm that supports private and public wikis. Wikis can choose from a long list of extensions to enable at any time, including Page Forms.
  • MyWikis - Offers one-click automatic install of Page Forms on your wiki. Personalized wiki hosting at affordable prices. Get started with your wiki in under 5 minutes, and install Page Forms in 2 minutes.

Trying out Page FormsEdit

The best place to try using Page Forms is on the "Referata scratchpad" wiki, at scratchpad.referata.com. There you can create all the properties, templates, forms, etc. that you want, and see how they all interact. You do not need to register to make edits.