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Release status: beta
Description Reward community-curated efforts in bio-wikis by contribution quantification and explicit authorship
Author(s) Zhang Zhang, Ming Tian, Lin Dai
MediaWiki Tested on 1.18.4
PHP 5.2.17 (apache2handler)
License GPL
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The ScienceReward extension aims to provide a standard practice in reward for people who perform curation in biological knowledge wikis (bio-wikis). It quantifies researchers’ contributions, provides due recognition according to their quantitative contributions and gives explicit authorship in bio-wikis.



Compilation of "ScienceReward.cpp".

  1. Install MySQL Connector/C++. Download MySQL Connector/C++ from http://dev.mysql.com/downloads/connector/cpp, unzip the downloaded package and copy the files in "lib" and "include" to "/usr/lib/" and "/usr/include/", respectively.

    For MAC users, the library might be copied in "/opt/local/include" and "/opt/include/cppconn", and please make corresponding changes in "makefile".
  2. Type "make" to compile "ScienceReward.cpp".


Since edit distance is estimated for two different revisions for any wiki page, it may take time to run ScienceReward at the first time. Before running ScienceReward, export the following environmental variable.

  export LD_LIBRARY_PATH=/usr/local/lib 

Then type the following command to run ScienceReward.

  ./ScienceReward [hostname] [username] [password] [database name] [database table prefix] 

For example: export results into a file named "results.txt"

  ./ScienceReward localhost root 123456 ricewiki rice > results.txt &

Extension installationEdit

Install the extension by adding the following code to LocalSettings.php.

  require_once( "$IP/extensions/ScienceReward/ScienceReward.php" );

Please note that it requires "ToggleDisplay" extension, which is also located in the package of ScienceReward. If "ToggleDisplay" was not installed, please also add the following code to "LocalSettings.php".

  require_once( "$IP/extensions/ScienceReward/ToggleDisplay.php" );

Set in crontabEdit

Since edits in wiki are probably made frequently, it might be better to set ScienceReward to run automatically in background.

  1. Open the file named "ScienceReward.sh" and set the correponding variables according to your wiki.
  2. To run at a given time span, please type "crontab -e" and install "ScienceReward.sh" in crontab. The time could be set depending on the frequency of edits made in your wiki as well as the performance of server.

    For example, the following command is to run "ScienceReward.sh" at every 30 minutes.
  */30	*	*	*	*  sh /Your Pathway/ScienceReward.sh

Configuration parametersEdit

  $wgScienceRewardDecimal = 3; #Decimal number
  $wgScienceRewardLamda = 0.001; #Normalized lamda value
  $wgScienceRewardScoreCutOffForAuthorship = 1; #Cut-off score for giving the authorship
  $wgScienceRewardHeader = "Please cite: "; #Header
  $wgScienceRewardCaption = "Gene: "; #Caption

Bio-wikis installing ScienceRewardEdit