MediaWiki extensions manual
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Release status: beta
Implementation User interface, Parser extension , other (invalid type)
Author(s) jannvck
MediaWiki 1.21
License GPL2+
Download TODO
Translate the SMWEnrich extension if it is available at translatewiki.net
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A MediaWiki extension for leveraging semantic Linked Open Data (LOD) to enrich your data. This extension uses entity matching to identify entities in external data sources and provides an easy to extend architecture for supporting various entity matching frameworks and tools.


  • required PHP version for this extension is > 5.3.10
  • min required Virtuoso version is > 6.1.3
  • tested with MediaWiki version 1.21
  • tested with Semantic MediaWiki version
  • Java > 1.7.0 for 'erun' which needs to be installed seperately


  • Copy the folder containing all file along the README file to the extensions folder of your MediaWiki installation.
  • Create all database tables required by this extension by executing the install.sql file in the sql folder from an SQL client interface or create the tables and indexes manually according to this file.
  • Activate the extension by adding the following line to the LocalSettings.php file of your MediaWiki installation:
require_once "$IP/extensions/smwEnrich/SMWEnrich.php";
  • Place the EAGLERunner all-in-one executable jar file which is distributed in another package to a destination of your choice and change the path pointing to that file in includes/frameworks/limes/ERFrameworkLIMES.php within the callBinary() function in line 159 - TODO
  •   Done Start using the extension. The extension should appear within the list of extensions when you navigate to "Special:Version" on your wiki.