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Release status: experimental
Extension recaptcha 1.png
Implementation User activity , User identity
Description Integrates google reCaptcha (version 2) into MediaWiki
Author(s) Vedmakatalk
Latest version 0.1 (2014-12-19)
MediaWiki 1.30
PHP 5.3+
Database changes No
Composer mediawiki/recaptcha
License GNU General Public License 2.0 or later
Translate the ReCaptcha extension if it is available at translatewiki.net
Check usage and version matrix.

The reCaptcha extension integrates Google's new reCaptcha into MediaWiki. Extensive documentation is available in the README file.

This extension does not integrate with the ConfirmEdit extension.
This extension does not work with MediaWiki 1.27 or above. Also see Issue 6: MediaWiki 1.27, extension needs update on the reCAPTCHA bug reporter.


The installation of this extension should be done via Composer.

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