Proposed terminology for the quiz moduleEdit

The status of this is "request for comment". The suggestions given below are not intended to be binding, but attempt to establish the general use of terms when constructing quizzes.

  • Multiple choice: this term covers any question where a number of pre-determined answers are given. It does not matter how many answers there are, nor how many are right.
    • Multiple choice with single response: this is the most common kind of multiple choice question. Only one of the responses is correct. It normally uses radio buttons, but not always.
    • Multiple choice with multiple responses: More than one of the responses may be correct. This type almost always uses checkboxes.
  • Text response / short answer / typed response: the terminology used here is unclear.
    • These response types use textfields. The learner types in an answer, which could be a word or a number.
    • Moodle uses the term "short answer", which is probably a bad description. Multiple choices also often use answers which are short!
    • Suggestion: "typed response" (because the learner has to type rather than click).
  • Gapfill / cloze
    • Both of these terms are commonly used for the same kind of thing. Generally, both terms are understood and are interchangeable. There is no unclarity.
  • Feedback
    • This is a widely used term for text which appears after a learner has attempted a question and it has been marked. Feedback may explain, encourage, congratulate, etc.