Extension:Proofread Page/Roadmap

Here is a draft of roadmap that list of works that can be done for Proofreadpage.

Short term

  • Begin to work on the VisualEditor support: <pages> <poem> and <section> tags (<poem> and <section> aren't managed by ProofreadPage but are used a lot on Wikisource)
  • Mockup of the VisualEditor interface for Page: pages.

Medium term


(the entries are sorted by priority)

  1. Make VisualEditor work with ProofreadPage
  2. Write a full documentation of Proofreadpage feature by regrouping documentation written in mediawiki.org, wikisource.org and en.wikisource.org. Maybe in the help namespace of mediawiki.org
  3. Creation of a configuration special page in order to help people to install and configure ProofreadPage (bug). (Tpt).
  4. When the Mobile frontend will be merge into Mediawiki core, work on ProofreadPage outputs on mobile devices.

Long term

  • Finish the cleaning of the internal code.
  • Use ContentHandler in order to make a more powerful storage for Index pages.
  • Create a Lua API to get Index pages data. (depends on the precedent). This will help the community to create amazing new templates.
  • Integration with Wikidata : use of Wikidata URI in order to build an RDF API for Index pages.
  • ...