Extension:Proofread Page/Edit-in-Sequence

For end-user help about this feature, see: Help:Extension:ProofreadPage/Edit-in-Sequence.

The Edit-in-Sequence (or EIS) feature of ProofreadPage is a new (as of 2022) user interface that aims to make it quicker to navigate between pages while proofreading. It adds a new toolbar above the normal side-by-side proofreading interface that allows for navigating between pages, previewing, and saving edits to any pages. It means that editors don't have to leave the editing interface at all while proofreading.

This page documents the system administration, and wiki administration, of this feature.

Configuration variablesEdit

$wgProofreadPageEnableEditInSequence = true;

Enables the main Edit-in-Sequence tab (next to the read and edit tabs) that is used to launch EIS.


EIS was first developed by User:Alex brollo in October 2016‎ as a gadget on Italian Wikisource.

In 2022 Wikimedia Italia funded the integration of the gadget into this extension, as well as further development of EIS. This work is being undertaken by User:Sohom data.