Extension:Proofread Page/Change tagging

This page is work in progress as the feature is incrementally enabled

ProofreadPage records the status of the page in multiple ways. The newest way is to use change tags, which permits more flexible look-up of page status directly from the database, as well as allowing users to filter change logs, histories and contribution lists by proofread status.

Tags are applied to revisions whenever an edit changes the proofreading status (including on page creation).


Enable the change tagging of new edits on a wiki
$wgProofreadPageUseStatusChangeTags = true;

Existing revisions will not be tagged.

Run the maintenance script to update old revisions
php extensions/ProofreadPage/maintenance/addTagsForAllPageRevisions.php
Set the local name for the tags
  • Edit the tag names at MediaWiki:Tag-proofreadpage-quality0 to Mediawiki:Tag-proofreadpage-quality4.
  • Edit the tag deacriptions at MediaWiki:Tag-proofreadpage-quality0-description, etc.

Deployment timeline