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List of implemented objects




The WebRequest class is wrapper of original WebRequest class

class WebRequest {

    /* Methods */
    static array getArray( $name, $default = null )
    static bool getBool( $name, $default = false )
    static bool getCheck( $name )
    static mixed getCookie( $key, $default = null )
    static int getInt( $name, $default = 0 )
    static string getText( $name, $default = '' )
    static mixed getVal( $name, $default = null )
    static bool getValues( ... )
    static bool wasPosted()


List of implemented functions

  • mw_json_decode — Decodes a JSON string
  • mw_json_encode — Returns the JSON representation of a value
  • transclude — Returns text from parsing a wiki page specified by a title string (default namespace is the Template namespace) or a WTitle object, arguments given as an array of strings (string keys are used for named arguments)
  • uuid_create — Creates random UUID (example: 78f01ee7-8140-4c4d-83c0-f180684fecab)

List of implemented constants

  • UUID — Returns random UUID (alias of function uuid_create())

You can ask to add other functions on the talk page.